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Woman Went On Three-Week Cleaning Strike After Her Husband Called Her Lazy

Charisa Bossinakis

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Woman Went On Three-Week Cleaning Strike After Her Husband Called Her Lazy

A woman went on a cleaning strike after her husband accused her of not picking up after herself, and his comments completely backfired, to say the least.

She uploaded videos to TikTok to hit back against her partner, who claimed he did all the household cleaning.

She wanted her video archive to put his theory to the test. 

The woman posted captions that revealed her husband told her: “I don’t know how someone can be as lazy as you are! You never do anything around the house.”


These famous last words prompted the woman to stop doing all the domestic household chores, which quickly made their home look like a pig pen.

After the wife abandoned chores, the mess continued to pile up, to which her husband told her if she was ‘better’ at cleaning, the house wouldn’t look as untidy as it did.

The woman continued to post updates of the mess to social media, showing the clothes overflowing, dishes piling up in the sink, utensils sprawled everywhere, and even food left out - just to name a few.


In one video, the wife hilariously shared that her husband threw out all her cleaning supplies due to her strike.

I mean, he’s just shot himself in the foot, which he can’t find as it’s under a huge pile of laundry clothes.

In one of her video updates, the woman revealed that the stand-off lasted three weeks, at which point the house was in complete shambles and desperately needed a visit from Marie Kondo herself.


The wife also shared that her husband finally couldn’t stand living in utter filth anymore, so he decided to stay with his mum overseas until his wife cleaned up the mess with her son.

Many users criticised the man for not pulling his weight as one person wrote: “He left you AND your son for three weeks because he can’t bother to help clean?!”

Another commented: “When you got married - he shouldn't have said 'I do'. He should have said 'You're Hired!'"

A third person said: “Naturally leave instead of cleaning up after himself.”


While another wrote: “I recognise the last stages of marriage.”

It' one thing to suggest your partner doesn't pull their weight at home and it's another to leave them to do it all.

Featured Image Credit: Mrsmessytiktok / TikTok.

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Charisa Bossinakis
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