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People Are Howling Over Woman's Innocent Bee Tattoo That Looks A Little X-Rated

People Are Howling Over Woman's Innocent Bee Tattoo That Looks A Little X-Rated

It didn't take long for a mass of people to point out that the woman may have made a quite hilarious tattoo blunder.

One woman has left hundreds in stitches after getting an unintentionally hilarious tattoo.

The woman posted a photo of her wedding shoes to Facebook ahead of her sister getting married while also showing off what should have been an innocent bee tattoo. 

However, it didn’t take long for a flurry of likes and comments pointing out that, well, the bee looked like it was carrying a set of ‘bee balls’. 

It’s almost impossible to unsee, with the image leaving many users in hysterics.

Facebook/Family lowdown tips & ideas

One user commented: “I’ve heard of ‘bee’s knees’ and the ‘dog’s danglies’, your tattoo has created the ‘bee’s danglies’ and from here on in will be my new measurement of when something is awesome.”

Another said: “How does that bee fly with the size of those balls? Proper good belly laugh.”

A third user wrote: “I mean, I feel awful that I first saw a bee with no eye or wings but huge sorry.”

While some may have been traumatised by the fact that they unknowingly had a pair of bee testicles on their ankle, the woman took it in her stride.

She said: “Now I can’t unsee it…I’ve got a bee scrotum on my goddamn ankle.

“I’ve been having an awful few days and you guys have cheered me right up.”

She also explained the meaning behind the tattoo, which ended up being a lot more heartfelt than a pair of bee balls.

She explained she got the tattoo with a fellow nurse, so there are actually two of them with bee sacks on their leg.

Facebook/Family lowdown tips & ideas

However, they got the matching tattoos while working in the ICU during Covid, with the word ‘reyt’ having a significant meaning for the two nurses after their first placements.

She said: “Me and my peer that I didn’t know well were both pretty terrified and assumed the other one was smashing it.”

They adopted the ‘it’ll be reyt’ mantra as a means of coping with the stressful hospital environment.

She continued: “It became our motto/mantra during that placement when the s**t hit the fan, so we got matching tattoos before or third placement together as we were going on an acute unit during the omicron wave!”

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Family lowdown tips & ideas

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