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Woman Jailed For Poking Holes In A Condom During Sex With Man

Woman Jailed For Poking Holes In A Condom During Sex With Man

The court heard that she wanted a baby and her lover didn't, so she sabotaged their contraception in an effort to fall pregnant.

A woman who sabotaged her boyfriend's contraception in an attempt to fall pregnant against his wishes has been jailed in western Germany.

The 39-year-old was convicted of the sexual assault of her 42-year-old ‘friend with benefits’ after she poked holes in his condoms with a pin.

The two embarked on a fling in early 2021, but the woman developed deeper feelings for the man and wanted a deeper commitment from him, according to Wion News.

He insisted he was only interested in casual sex.

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So, she started poking holes in his condoms in the hope that he would get her pregnant and stay, according to local paper Neue Westfälische.

It did not lead to the beginning of a new life, but rather to the end of their relationship after the 39-year-old woman admitted her subterfuge in a text message to the man.

He responded by calling the police and pressing charges.

She later admitted to she was trying to manipulate her partner.

Initially, she was facing charges of rape, but authorities later reduced to the lesser charge of sexual assault.

She has been jailed for six months, with Judge Astrid Salewski telling the court that they have 'written legal history' with the landmark case.

Salewski described the woman's actions as 'stealthing', a practice which normally sees men removing condoms during sex or sabotaging protection without their partner's consent.

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The judge added: "This provision also applies in the reverse case. The condoms were rendered unusable without the man's knowledge or his consent.

"No means no here as well."

The German incident comes months after US lawmakers in California made ‘stealthing’ illegal. 

California State Assembly's Cristina Garcia, who introduced the bill, spoke to NPR following the passage of the law.

Brodsky said: "The experience of realising that your partner, your sexual partner, has no concern for your autonomy, your individual dignity, your right to make decisions about who you have sex with, when and how, that’s a terrible violation regardless of whether a physical injury occurs, regardless of whether a pregnancy occurs.

"Civil litigation keeps decision-making in the hands of survivors, which can be particularly important in the wake of sexual violence, which is itself a denial of the victim’s right to make decisions about their lives."

So, in summary, there are two lessons here: no means no, and always get consent.

Featured Image Credit: Kritsada Seekham / Alamy Stock Photo. Angelo D'Amico / Alamy Stock Photo.

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