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Lottie Moss shows off new face tattoo after drunken night out

Lottie Moss shows off new face tattoo after drunken night out

At least she's followed through with her choice

It’s kind of an unwritten rule to avoid stumbling into a tattoo parlour when you’ve had something to drink.

But Lottie Moss has thrown the rulebook out the window, as she got a face tattoo inked onto her during a drunken night out. Check out her new ink here:

The model opted for the word ‘lover’ to be inked onto her left cheekbone, just below her eye, as she admitted she’ll have to ‘learn to love it’.

The OnlyFans star, 24, took to TikTok on Saturday to reveal the product of what appeared to be a fun night out.

She shared the process on her social media platform, showing how the word was tattooed in black script writing onto her cheek.

“I’m on my journey to have a face tattoo even though you’ve had a drink and you probably shouldn’t,” Lottie admitted in the first clip while in the tattoo chair.

Lottie Moss has got a tattoo on her face now.

The next clip then shows the sister of supermodel Kate Moss in bed the following morning looking slightly sorry for herself for her previous antics.

“I don’t have a lot to say about last night really apart from the fact that this,” she said, pointing at her new tattoo, “could have gone without doing.”

But she refuses to regret her choice, adding: “But I actually don’t mind it, so it’s here to stay.

“We’re going to learn to love it, the world’s going to learn to love it, my mum’s going to learn to love it, hopefully.

She didn't have tattoos on her face before.
@lottiemossxo / Instagram

But she didn’t sign off without giving a word of advice to her followers.

“Don’t drink alcohol, kids.”

Fans were understandably just as shocked by the whole ordeal as Lottie probably was waking up the next morning.

“Babe WHAT hahahahahah,” one fan wrote, while another added: “Omg I'd be crying,” another penned.

“Could've been worse. Not much more is worse than a face tattoo but I'm sure there are worse,” another person offered.

She did have an impressive tattoo collection before, though.
@lottiemossxo / Instagram

Despite Lottie already having an impressive collection of tats elsewhere on her body, many others believed that her face tattoo was ‘temporary’.

One person asked: “Is it temporary and you’re playing with us?”, while a different viewer penned beneath the video: “It’s definitely temporary.”

Well, we admire her following through with her choices, that’s for sure.

Featured Image Credit: @lottiemossx/TikTok

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