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Louis Theroux Finally Joins TikTok With Rap Video Debut

Louis Theroux Finally Joins TikTok With Rap Video Debut

His rap has been going viral over the past few weeks and now he's joined in the fun

Louis Theroux has finally joined TikTok and made his debut with a rather wonderful video of himself walking along to his viral rap My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle. You know you want to click play:

The original rap was shared on episode of Theroux’s Weird Weekends back in 2000, when he spent time in the US on the local rap scene alongside rappers Reece and Bigelow.

He resurrected the song on a recent episode of Chicken Shop Date, where host Amelia Dimoldenberg asked Theroux if he remembered any of the rap - and, thankfully for us all two decades on, he did.

Managing to keep a completely straight face, he quickly peeled off the lyrics: “My money don’t jiggle jiggle, it folds.

“I like to see you wiggle wiggle, for sure, it makes me want to dribble dribble, you know.

“Riding in my Fiat, you really have to see it, six feet two in a compact, no slack, but luckily the seats go back.

Louis Theroux has joined TikTok.

“I’ve got a knack to relax in my mind, I'm sipping some red, red wine.” Iconic.

The segment was then remixed by music producers Duke & Jones, who auto-tuned Theroux’s rapping and laid it over a catchy little tune and thus a trend was born.

Because no sooner was it remixed, than the rap began exploding all over TikTok. In a few short weeks, it’s generated more than 3.8 million likes and 435.7k content creations, while celebrities including Ian Wright, Ashley Banjo and Ant and Dec have all shared clips of themselves getting in on the action.

And it seems as though it’s recent popularity has even been enough to encourage Theroux to finally join the social media app.

He shared a video for his rap My Money Don’t Jiggle Jiggle.

Rather than showing off his best jiggle jiggle dance moves, Theroux posted the rap over a video of himself walking along a street - alongside the video he wrote: “Late to the party but I made it…”

As you can imagine, fans of Theroux are delighted to see him on TikTok, with one person commenting: “God Louis Theroux is one of our last greatest treasures.”

Another said: “You took over TikTok before even being on it.”

A third person wrote: “Finally the king is here!”

While another joked: “I sing this song every morning. It’s the only thing that gets me Theroux my day.”

Can't wait to see what else he's got planned for his page.

Featured Image Credit: @officiallouistheroux/TikTok

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