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Louis Theroux Says Wife Would Be 'OK' With Him Having Affair

Louis Theroux Says Wife Would Be 'OK' With Him Having Affair

The documentary-maker spends a lot of time away from his family with work, and his wife appears to be very open-minded

Louis Theroux has revealed that his wife would be 'OK' with him having an affair.

The much-loved documentary-maker was a guest on the True Geordie Podcast and he discussed his private life during the lengthy chat, which was released in January.

Discussing his relationship with Nancy Strang - who he married 10 years ago - he said: "She said 'If you were ever thinking of having a relationship outside the marriage, or straying,' – I can't remember how she phrased it - she said 'I would be OK with that.'

"And I was like 'Oh, well that's cool.'"

Theroux with wife Nancy Strang.

But the 51-year-old added he could never cheat because he is a 'stranger to myself' and 'I don't always know what I'm feeling half the time'.

Elsewhere in the chat, Theroux spoke out about the 'borderline drink problem' he had during the pandemic, saying he found certain periods of lockdown 'completely incapacitating'. 

He said: "During the pandemic, I was drinking bourbon – Kentucky bourbon. And I got into something called Bulleit, which an American friend had introduced me to." 

Theroux said he worried he'd mentioned the whiskey so much in his book, Theroux The Keyhole, that Bulleit might send him loads of free bottles.

He added: "I've got some bourbon in the house, but typically if I had bourbon, I'll be like, 'F**k it, I'm going to have some now.'"

When asked how many glasses of whisky he might get through in one night, Theroux said he doesn't really 'keep tabs', but revealed it was 'quite a lot'.

He continued: "I don't use the term 'blackout', but there were several times when I would wake up on the sofa or on the spare bed, not quite remembering the last couple of hours. 

"For some reason, January 6, the night of the insurrection, I got mullered. I think there was a lot going on, and a lot of the people involved in what was going on at the White House – some of them were people that we'd been in touch with for documentaries, and had been in the process of making a documentary about members of far-right groups.

"And I was thinking, 'This is so weird, what's going on over there?'"

As for lockdown in general, Theroux - who lives in London with his wife and three sons - said he found the experience 'horrendous'. 

Theroux said: "I have to acknowledge I had it easier than most in the sense that I'm well-paid, I've got a nice house – I don't have those insecurities. 

Theroux admitted to drinking a lot more at home during the lockdown.

"But it was horrendous. From where I was sitting, the experience I had was what I have to hold on to, because you get further away from it and it dims a bit, and you sort of remember the more positive aspects. But parts of it I found totally, almost incapacitating. 

"And specifically it was the feeling of having a young child at home – and I think anyone who's listening to this or watching this who had young children at home, who weren't in school during the lockdown, while also attempting to do a job from home, will recognise this – and you've got a deadline or you've got someone expecting something from you or an important call, and then you have a small child who's too young to really be independent or to be able to take care of home schooling on his own, and they're kicking off. 

"And actually it's a very weird and upsetting feeling, because it feels like it's a combination of sadness and rage."

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