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Man Asks Jimmy Carr If He Should Stop Dating His Cousin

Dominic Smithers

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Man Asks Jimmy Carr If He Should Stop Dating His Cousin

Incest is a tricky issue. Well, I mean, it's not, it's really not. But how close is too close?

This was the question that one man posed to Jimmy Carr after he recently met a girl who he really liked.

The only snag was that he quickly discovered that they were related. Kind of.

Speaking to It's Gone Viral as their 'Agony Uncle', the comedian offered his thoughts on the matter.


Explaining his predicament, the man named Lee asked: "Hi Jimmy, I can't believe I'm admitting this to you, but here we go.

Lee recently met a girl he really liked. Credit: It's Gone Viral
Lee recently met a girl he really liked. Credit: It's Gone Viral

"About three weeks ago I went on a date with a really nice girl.

"We went back to mine and after about 30-40 mins of chatting, we realised that we were actually second cousins.


"We've looked into it since our date and the good news is that we're not actually related by blood.... but we're still related.

"We've both admitted that we like each other and speak every day, but we're still related. What shall we do? Give it a shot or call it a day?"

Now, while the idea of potentially hooking up with someone even remotely related you is enough to make most people shudder, Jimmy had some good news for Lee.

The 49-year-old said he had nothing to worry about.


"This is so easy. You are not related," he assured him.

"You know the bit where he said, 'We're not related by blood'? Well, that's how being related works. What are you related through? Nothing."

When the interviewer mentioned that people can be related through 'marriage', Jimmy explained why that's not quite right.


He goes on: "Yeah, I'm related to my wife because I'm married to her; I think we can still bang, right?

"Literally, there isn't a problem here. Second cousins as well, second cousins, if you're related, horrific, actually worse than first cousins, from a biological point of view.

"But if you're not actually related, it's just that slightly awkward family thing.

"I mean, I don't know if you've been online, but there's a lot of stuff with step-sisters going on, there's a lot of stuff. More than you would think."


Concluding his argument, Jimmy said: "He's not related to her, he's not related, because you can only be related through blood, that's just a fun fact.

"Maybe their uncle and someone's second aunt got hooked up, but that isn't anything.

"And they get on really well, and if it makes it a bit hotter for them because they think the incest taboo might be kicking in, great, have at it."

Featured Image Credit: It's Gone Viral

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Dominic Smithers
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