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Man Created ‘Sex Rota’ To Schedule In All Nine Wives

Man Created ‘Sex Rota’ To Schedule In All Nine Wives

Arthur O Urso 'married' nine women, but quickly found that some things could be complicated

A man who had nine ‘wives’ claims that he had to create a ‘sex rota’ in order to make sure that all of them had intimate time with him.

Brazilian Arthur O Urso went viral after he held a wedding ceremony for his nine wives as a ‘protest against monogamy’ and to ‘celebrate free love’.

He was already married to one woman – his wife Luana Kazaki – and the pair are swingers, so a ceremony was held in a church with the other women present to have them join in their marriage.

Polygamy is illegal in Brazil, so the vows taken in Sao Paolo on that day aren’t legally binding, but you can catch his gist, right?

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Nowadays, he has lost one wife who left to seek a life of monogamy for herself, and he no longer has the sex rota because it wasn’t working.

Still, he’s up for talking about it, so here we are.

Arthur explained: "They all want to fulfil my sexuality at any cost. They are happy to make it their goal.

"Our sex life is really fun and pleasurable, and initially I tried to have sex by appointment.

"But following a timetable caused a lot of problems and sometimes I felt like I had to have sex because of the schedule, and not for pleasure.

"On other occasions I had sex with one wife while thinking about another."

Sounds like a great guy, right?

Now, things just ‘flow naturally’ and he reckons that’s a better arrangement.

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Arthur continued: "It doesn't take long to get attention or affection when you have that many wives.

"It didn't seem right so we got rid of it and now the sex flows naturally, it's been great.

"It is very fun, pleasurable and unique to experience everything collectively, and they are all very different in bed.

"One of them, I won't name her to keep her privacy, likes to be dominant and I like a woman who tells me what she wants."

Of course, when you’ve got that many people vying for attention and affection in a relationship, jealousy can become a factor.

Arthur added: "When I have given one of them an expensive gift and another a smaller or cheaper one, there has been jealousy among them.

"They all demand attention, affection and sex to be part of our everyday life, and I can't do more for one than the other.

"I'm still learning about our relationship."

In the end, it all got too much for one of the ‘wives’.

Jam Press

"She wanted to have me all to herself,” Arthur said.

"It didn't make sense – we have to share. I was very sad about the separation and even more surprised by her excuse.

"She said that she was missing a monogamous relationship.

My other wives thought her attitude was wrong and that she accepted the marriage for adventure and not for real feelings.

"I know I've lost a wife, but I'm not going to replace her at the moment."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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