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Man absolutely erupts at parents during flight because their baby was 'crying for 45 minutes'

Rachel Lang

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A man has lost his cool on a flight after listening to a baby cry for nearly an hour.

The passenger's irate outburst was caught on camera and, rather unfortunately for him, the video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

The moment was captured on board a Southwest Airlines flight to Florida.

It showed the man abusing flight attendants and fellow passengers because he simply could not cope with a crying baby.


The video has since racked up a whopping 150,000 views on TikTok.

And the account that shared the clip really let it be known what they thought of the man's tirade.

The video is captioned: "Belligerent passenger causes diversion."


Credit: Pixel Power / Alamy Stock Photo
Credit: Pixel Power / Alamy Stock Photo

For three minutes of the four minute video, a fellow passenger on-board the flight shoots footage of the wild scenes unfolding before them,

The irate gentleman, who swears more than 20 times during his massive tantrum, can be heard yelling at the flight attendants as they attempt to placate him.

At one point, it seems one member of the flight crew had had enough.


"You're yelling," he can be heard telling the angry passenger.

The furious man shouted back: "So is the baby."

Imagine a full-grown adult trying to use an infant as an excuse to not behave well on a flight.

During his tirade he even screamed 'did that motherf**ker pay extra to get on'.


Anyway, the person next to him could be seen looking rather exasperated before putting their head in their hands.

Social media users did not side with the angry man, with many taking to the comments of the TikTok clip to slam his bad behaviour.

Babies can wreak havoc on planes, but are difficult to reason with as they are babies. Stock image. Credit:  Westend61 GmbH / Alamy
Babies can wreak havoc on planes, but are difficult to reason with as they are babies. Stock image. Credit: Westend61 GmbH / Alamy

One user said: "What does he expect to be done?? Does he expect the crew to throw the baby out the window?"


A second added: "You’re on a public flight and if he doesn’t like it then fly private. Trust me when I say, us mums are mortified when babies cry on planes."

While a third replied: "What did he expect to happen? Duct tape the baby’s mouth?"

They added: "Men are so emotional, I swear."

Shots fired.

The video shows the man being spoken to by police and airline staff after the flight landed.

A representative for Southwest Airlines told TODAY.com: "We do not have details on this flight to share but commend our flight crew for their professionalism and offer our apologies to the other customers onboard."

But this man isn't the only belligerent person to crack it on a plane in recent days.

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass copped in on social media after misreading the room in a big way.

He lashed out on Twitter at United Airlines after he claimed flight attendants 'made' his wife get 'on her hands and knees' to clean up after their two daughters on a plane, who had thrown handfuls of popcorn on the ground.

People did not come out in droves to support him, as he may have expected, but instead slammed him for his 'entitled' behaviour.

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Rachel Lang
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