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Man slammed after firing nanny on the spot after she called his daughter a s**t

Man slammed after firing nanny on the spot after she called his daughter a s**t

Apparently, the babysitter was from the dark ages.

A father has been left reeling after he copped a roasting from his parents after he fired his children’s nanny when she told his daughter she looked like a 's**t'.

The concerned dad has taken to the popular Reddit forum ‘Am I The A**hole?’ to ask if he was in the wrong after copping criticism from family members for letting the nanny go.

In the post, the father revealed that his wife tragically died in a car accident two years ago. Shortly after, the man enlisted the help of a nanny, which he dubbed ‘Kate’ to care for his three girls when he returned to work.

"We hired a woman whom I'll call Kate. Kate is an older lady and quite religious, which I don't mind as she was a good worker," he wrote on the thread.

"I've made it a priority to teach my kids to love themselves and not care what others think, or be ashamed of their bodies in any way."

He shared that his daughter, 14, began revealing more skin with her fashion, which would sometimes elicit ‘passive-aggressive' comments from Kate.

"Four months ago, my oldest, who I'll call Bre, started wearing more revealing tops. Nothing too crazy obviously as she's 14," he explained in the post.

He initially 'shrugged it off', but things escalated when his daughter called him one morning in tears.

"Three days ago, Bre called me at work crying. Apparently, she was going out with her friends when Kate stopped her and told her not to leave unless she changed. Bre asked why and she said ‘it makes you look easy, like a s**t. Go back upstairs’," he said in the post.

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Later the man notified the nanny he was letting her go.

His parents, however, roasted him for the move and told him he was an 'a**hole' for leaving an ‘old woman’ without a job.

He added: “I said that's not my problem and hung up. I do feel bad, but her old views aren't an excuse for slut shaming.”

While the father was scorned by his parents, many users rallied behind him.

One person wrote: “[Not the a**hole]. if she wanted to keep her job she should have respected your daughter, and your parenting.”

Another said: “Well done for keeping all your children away from those attitudes.”

While another user pointed out: “I don't know how the grandparents expected him to have a good relationship with his daughter if he kept the nanny.”

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