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Man forced to eat a diet of chocolate Easter eggs has consumed more than 200 this year

Man forced to eat a diet of chocolate Easter eggs has consumed more than 200 this year

Ashley Kean says his current diet is very depressing and it's not something he enjoys.

A man has opened up on the struggle of eating too many chocolate Easter eggs.

While it can be a fun time of year to gorge on all things chocolate over the Easter long weekend, Ashley Kean has to deal with this for months.

The 30-year-old sales assistant from of Castleford, West Yorks, says his body can only digest certain things and that list is very small.

After many trials, it appears only chocolate, mashed potato, Yorkshire puddings and fruit can be properly consumed without issue.

So he leans into this and literally only eats chocolate eggs between January to April every year.

Ashley said: "My diet is quite boring and not something I enjoy.


"I can't have meals with my two kids so we can't go out for family meals and stuff like that.

“It is massively frustrating, especially at Christmas.

"From the start of January through to April I eat over the 250 Easter eggs.

"It averages out between three and six a day depending on how hungry I get."

When he was being weaned off milk as a baby, he found he would just throw up every new piece of food.

After vomiting so many times, he's now developed an aversion to trying new things and sticks to the foods he knows can be digested.

He's done loads of medical tests to see if it's something to do with his gut or if it's psychological.

"It's getting to point where it’s coming towards Easter and I've had them for past nearly four months," he said.

"I'm getting quite sick of them. On the outside I look like normal 30-year-old. It’s depressing but it’s something I’ve always lived with.

“The amount of chocolate I eat isn’t normal, yet I’m not diabetic or anything, how is everything fine?

“A lot of people say, ‘If you only eat chocolate, why aren’t you the size of a house?’

“I requested a full MOT from the doctors a few years ago because I thought, ‘Surely I can’t be perfectly fine’.

"I did all the tests and they said all my levels were perfect. But how when this is my diet?

“There's no meat, veg or takeaways. I love mash but don’t eat chips or jacket potatoes.

“I’ve tried different foods over the years to try and change my diet but now it’s the fear of being sick.

"I hate being sick and don’t want to put myself through that."

Hopefully he gets some answers as soon as possible.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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