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Man given less than £55,000 after doctors remove his penis so he didn’t have to

Man given less than £55,000 after doctors remove his penis so he didn’t have to

He had no other option after a cancer in his penis spread

A man who was in so much pain after several cancer surgeries had to have his penis removed by doctors after threatening to amputate it himself.

The anonymous man from France was awarded nearly £55,000 after the chop which was the result of a series of alleged errors from medics which left him with 'no feeling' in his manhood.

The man has been left fuming at what has happened and told Franceblue: “I have hatred towards this doctor who did not listen to me.

“He played Russian roulette with me.”

The alleged incident happened at the Nantes University Hospital in 2014.

The man had to have his penis removed after his cancer spread.

The father-of-three was just 30 years old at the time and had been diagnosed with carcinoma. This type of cancer forms in the epithelial tissue, which lines most of our organs, including internal passageways, such as our oesophagus and our skin, the Cleveland Clinic explains.

However, in this man’s case, his carcinoma was found in most of his penis.

Once it was discovered, a urologist at the hospital attempted to remove as much of the tumour as possible, while minimising any damage to the organ.

However according to the Administrative Court of Nantes, following a series of 'faulty breaches', the cancer spread throughout his entire penis which caused him such 'crazy' pain that he even contemplated amputating it himself.

“I had the cutter and I was preparing my thing in the garage,” the man said. “It was my wife who stopped me.”

But as the tumour continued to grow, the man was given no other option.

The man was at risk of dying if he didn't have his penis amputated.

Doctors said he either had to have his penis amputated or he’d be at risk of dying from his cancer.

The man had no choice but to go ahead with the procedure, having his entire penis removed at the base, leaving him with just his testicles.

But the experience has left the man traumatised as he added: “I’m really devastated and it’s really shameful.”

And while it’s believed he has been given ways to adjust, he said: “You can’t replace a feeling of a penis with several sensors.”

Since the incident the man has received almost £55,000 ($65,000) in compensation for alleged 'wrongful breaches' that led to 'a total removal of the penis', decided by the Administrative Court of Nantes.

But while he’s naturally devastated by what's happened, others say he should feel lucky that he’s still alive.

“Well he is alive,” said one. “A ‘rapidly growing cancer’ is not a good prognosis. Chem and radiation would have left him useless also. Live or die?”

"Can’t blame the poor dude for being mad,” said another, “but I would rather be ‘penisless’ than lifeless.”

However others said he should have tried to fight for more money.

“If this ever happened to me, I wouldn’t settle for $65k, that’s for sure. They’d better hope I didn’t off someone. Namely the doctor.”

“$65k for losing your manhood??? Dude, you had a crappy lawyer!” added another.

Featured Image Credit: Westend61 GmbH / Golib Golib Tolibov / Alamy Stock Photo

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