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Man horrified after discovering girlfriend’s ‘disgusting’ stash of contact lenses

Man horrified after discovering girlfriend’s ‘disgusting’ stash of contact lenses

This is on another level.

When you're in a relationship, over time, you get to know all of your partner's habits - the good, the bad, and sometimes the very ugly.

So if you're reading this and single, you might want to take comfort in the knowledge that you don't need to deal with anyone else's 'disgusting' habits.

Case in point, this man, who made an alarming discovery about what his girlfriend does with her contact lenses at the end of the day.

This is certainly an eye-popping habit to have.
Reddit / FireRotor

Instead of disposing of them in a bin like you'd expect, when it's time to get some shut-eye, she simply takes them out and throws them behind the bed.

A picture of the shocking discovery was shared by the man anonymously on Reddit, with the caption: "My significant other throws her daily contacts behind the headboard of our bed."

As you can imagine, the picture went far from unnoticed since it was posted on 9 February, and viewers were quick to share their absolute disgust - and confusion.

"People like this blow my mind. Like where do you think it's gonna go?" questioned one viewer. "Clean that s**t up."

A second asked: "Does she not have a small trash can by her bed?!!"

This prompted a third viewer to joke: "Yes but she can't see it."

"I just... don't get this," wrote a third. "My house isn't perfect by any means. I put off vacuuming and dusting and scrubbing toilets. But stuff like this just adds madness to the mayhem."

There are certainly better ways to dispose of your contact lenses.
Alamy / Tero Vesalainen

A fourth shared that they've been in a similar situation, writing: "My ex-roommate did this. Left them on the coffee table, countertops, everywhere."

"When we moved out I did one last sweep of the apartment and in his room there was a huge blue stain of dried up contacts fused into the hardwood [sic]," added a fifth.

One viewer suggested the woman might have been unable to see the bin.
Alamy / zixia

Meanwhile, one Reddit user did defend the woman, albeit in a small way.

They shared: "Before my eye surgery, I would take out my daily contacts and drop them into the bathroom trash can, or the one next to the bed.

"The problem is, once they were out of my eyes, I could only see about six inches away from my face, and the lenses are curved and wet and sometimes miss where I’m trying to drop them, but I'd never know.

"A year later, we're still finding dried-up contacts stuck to things. Nothing like [the original poster's significant other], however…"

All of which begs the question, have you ever had a partner with a habit this disgusting?

Featured Image Credit: Igor Stevanovic / Alamy / Reddit / FireRotor

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