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Man discovers he's 'dead' while lodging police report

Man discovers he's 'dead' while lodging police report

"I have been working at a funeral home for so many years but I never thought that I would be listed as 'dead'"

A man went to file a police report about a missing deed under his name, only to find out he's been listed as 'dead'.

Low Choo Choon from Malaysia wanted to transfer the name of a two-person gravesite that he and his wife had purchased over to a relative due to financial struggles.

But when he couldn't find the deed for the grave, he went to file a police report, only to discover that he couldn't do that either – as he's listed as 'dead'.

The 71-year-old, who's a funeral van driver of all things, was advised to lodge a complaint to the National Registration Department (JPN) after making the discovery back in January.

Liu was mistakenly assigned the status of 'dead' by the National Registration Bureau system.
Wong Bor Yang/Facebook

However, he says his death status is yet to be rectified, and has called on the JPN to respond.

Choon spoke at a press conference on Tuesday (9 August) alongside Senai assemblyman Wong Bor Yang, who he enlisted to help with the matter.

According to Harian Metro, he said: “I have been working at a funeral home for so many years but I never thought that I would be listed as ‘dead’."

Having been legally deceased for eight months, Choon has faced a number of difficulties when attempting to renew official documents.

This has proven to be particularly problematic for his job as a driver, as he was unable to get his road tax certificate renewed this year.

Thankfully he was finally able to convince the Road Transport Department to extend it for at least 18 months, although it took numerous requests and visits to get the issue rectified.

A similar situation unfolded back in March when it came to state elections in Johor where he lives, and Choon was unable to vote.

With the 71-year-old's driving license due to expire next month, Choon is now taking drastic action with the help of Yang in order to resolve the issue.

The situation has made renewing official documents difficult.

At the press conference this week, he added: “If my (status) does not get updated, I worry that my bank account and assets will get frozen.

"I'm asking for JPN to kindly speed up the activation of my identification card (IC) again. I'm tired of this, I'm too old to keep going up and down to JPN."

Since the public statement, Choon's case is now said to be under review by an investigation team at JPN – fingers crossed the situation is sorted and they're able to bring him back to life.

Featured Image Credit: Wong Bor Yang/Facebook/devilmaya/Alamy Stock Photo

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