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Man rips into pair of cyclists for going slower than the road speed limit

Man rips into pair of cyclists for going slower than the road speed limit

The eight-minute rant was filmed by one of the cyclists and shared online so the rest of the world could enjoy it just as they had lived it.

An Australian bloke has launched into a tirade against a pair of cyclists on the side of an Adelaide road.

The eight-minute rant was filmed by one of the cyclists and uploaded to Reddit, presumably so the rest of the world could enjoy the expletive-filled, nonsensical rant as well.

In the now-viral clip, the furious man can be seen confronting the lycra-clad cyclists about 'thinking logical'.

The original Reddit post claimed that the dispute kicked off because the man in high-vis clothing cracked it over the two men riding through a roundabout a little too slowly for his liking.

The man went on a long rant because he had been held up at a roundabout.

The motorist argued that he should have been given right-of-way because the cyclists shouldn't go more than '20 kilometres' under the speed limit.

"You know you’re on a bike. Think logical. You can’t get around the roundabout fast enough. In a car, if you go 20 [kilometres] under the speed limit, you’ll get pulled over and lose your licence," he said.

"What about you guys?"

One of the cyclists responded: "So what you’re saying is we should stop in the middle of the roundabout so you don’t have to give way to the right, which is the law?"

The man hit back, saying: "No what I’m saying is you’re uncapable [sic] of applying to road rules like everyone else. Go to the side until it’s safe. It’s like crossing a road."

The argument continued, with the motorist eventually suggesting that the duo will get mowed down riding slowly on a roundabout.

"Do you know how much [sic] crackheads live around here?" he asked the pair.

The cyclist behind the camera retorted: "As opposed to highly rational people like yourself?"

The man hit back with: "Did I run you over?"

One of the cyclists, who seemingly had had enough of the man's poorly-formed rant, telling him: "Maybe you should work on your comprehension skills and learn how to write and contact your local member of parliament if you’ve got an issue with this, mate.”

They argued for eight minutes.

Like a red rag to a bull, the man then can be heard calling the cyclist a 'pleb' and to 'shut the f**k up'.

The men continue to argue for several minutes, with the motorist repeatedly turning to verbal abuse as they argue about who was in the wrong.

The man eventually retreated to his vehicle and drove off when one of the cyclists phoned police.

Social media largely sided with the two cyclists.

One Reddit user said: "What a smooth brain."

Another added: "'Think logical 'says the guy standing in the bike lane with his car illegally parked."

A third chipped in with: "You know what delays you? Stopping to yell at someone."

Featured Image Credit: Competitive-Mood4980./Reddit

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