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Man Shares Amazing 'Underrated Websites' Few People Have Heard Of Before

Man Shares Amazing 'Underrated Websites' Few People Have Heard Of Before

Tech blogger Timoté Chanut has shared some brilliant 'underrated websites' and people can't believe they've never known about them

Tech blogger Timoté Chanut has shared some 'underrated' and pretty cool websites that we should know about - but often don't. Watch below:

Chanut went viral after sharing the vid with his 2.3 million TikTok followers and people can't believe that they haven't heard of some of these sites before.

First up, by searching '' into Google, you can generate your very own AI videos.


If you type a script into the text box, the website will automatically generate a video of the avatar, which will then say whatever you want, in any language.

Next, he explains: "If you search for '', you can see predictions for different cities."

Timoté then selects New York as an option and up comes a generated image of what the city might look like in 28 years time. Pretty cool, but rather subjective if we're being honest.

Something that I feel like I should be aware of, but have never actually tried, is '3D Driving Simulator' on Google Maps.


You can basically drive a car within the Google Maps framework by simply clicking on your keyboard.

This might be useful for explaining to someone, which exact turn to taken when giving directions. Or to just have a bit of a play around with.

Up next, the blogger suggests: "If you search for '', you can track all the satellites in orbit.

"Look at how fast they are moving.

"Some of them travel entire countries in, like, five seconds."

One that will be particularly helpful for film boffins is searching for '', where you can type a sentence in and they will find the exact movie scene.

How cool is that?


Perhaps the most useful tool of them all, is something that many of us do on a regular basis - online shopping.

More specifically, by searching for '', you can find all of Amazon's 'overstock' items for incredible discounts, 'usually between 20-50 percent', which is crazy.

One user commented: "Underrated websites by underrated person it's amazing."

Another wrote: "This looks amazing! I’m definitely trying some of these!"

A third added: "That google driving look fun."

You can watch the full video here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/timotechanut

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