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Man Shares 'Illegal' Arcade Ticket Trick To Scoop Bigger Prizes

Man Shares 'Illegal' Arcade Ticket Trick To Scoop Bigger Prizes

A man has gone viral after sharing his arcade ticket machine hack on TikTok.

A man has gone viral after sharing his arcade ticket machine hack on TikTok. Catch the hack here:

Brian Burns was at the Hollywood Bowl in Poole, Dorset, when he realised he could boost his score with a simple, but effective and also rapid, trick.

The 39-year-old's recording of the 10-second hack has since gone viral, with fellow TikTokers flooding to the post in excitement.

Brian Burns discovered the hack at the Hollywood Bowl in Poole, Dorset.

In the footage, Brian reveals that if you repeatedly pull and push the ticket in and out slightly from the ticket machine, the score shoots up.

In just 10 seconds, his score can be seen soaring from 205 to 260.

The 'ticket eater' is where you ' trade your ticket receipt for a prize of your choice'.

The more tickets you put in, the better prize players could receive.

Brian's hack tricks the machine into thinking more tickets are being put in.
Kennedy News and Media

The post has been viewed over two million times and has received more than 71,000 likes, with thousands having flocked to the video in surprise.

Some remained doubtful that the hack truly works: "I mean the machine practically takes your fingers off so I can’t see it working," a user said.

However, one went to test it out themselves. "Totally works! We did it today after watching this! Our 20 tokens turned into 580! 😂😂 will duet the video," they commented.

Another joked how even with the flurry of added points that it was 'still not enough for a pencil and sharpener set'.

A final noted: "It either doesn’t work, doesn’t work on most machines or.. they’re now about to fix it because everyone’s gonna be doing it."

Brian's score shot up in a matter of seconds.
Kennedy News and Media

Other users were quick to warn Brian the hack could result in him getting banned from Hollywood Bowl.

"It works….until someone comes up to you and escorts you out the premises," one said.

Another wrote: "And if caught its theft."

One follower called Brian's ticket machine hack 'theft'.
Hollywood Bowl

However, Brian explained: "I only had 30 tickets but I ended up with about 500. I didn't feel guilty. If I got caught, I got caught.

"My picture will probably be up next time I go, I'll probably be banned. Maybe they've seen the video.

"A few weeks before I saw a little boy standing there doing it, so I tried it and it worked. When I went back this time, I thought of getting a video.

"You're talking about 30,000 tickets for a game console, so you'd be standing there most of the day and you'd probably get caught."

Brian said he gave the tickets to his kid.

He noted how the reaction to the video has been 'crazy' and that his response to anyone criticising the hack is 'putting laughing faces and police emojis because it's just a laugh'.

Brian resolved: "The stuff you get if you win is nothing, it's like the stuff you get at the Pound Shop, so just to be bumping it up to get a mug or something isn't really massive I don't think.

"It's a bit of fun. It's not like I've gone in with a couple of quid and bumped it up to get an Xbox. I wouldn't stick around all day and do that."

A Hollywood Bowl spokesperson told LADbible: "Brian has uncovered a known fault with one of our popular arcade machines. We have worked with our partner supplier to rectify the specific fault with the ticketing machine and continue to run routine checks across other machines in our business.”

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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