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Man Spends Hours Grinding £650 Of Weed For Huge 420 Joint

Man Spends Hours Grinding £650 Of Weed For Huge 420 Joint

He's one of the hundreds of people who have flocked to London's Hyde Park today

A bloke who attended the annual 420 event at London’s Hyde Park spent a whopping £650 and four hours grinding up weed to create what I can only described as a mega-joint - behold: 

Reporter Jacob Phillips was at Hyde Park today (20 April) to speak to those who attended the event, which is part celebration and part protest, and came across the man who gave his name as Theo. 

When asked to explain what he was holding, Theo said: “This is one hundred grams, pure weed, no tobacco, pure Skywalker OG. 

“It took me about six hours just to grind up the amount… and as you can see, it’s smoking very nice.”

When asked how much it cost, he said it was ‘between £650 and £700’, revealing that he and his pal split the cost and ‘just bought it straight out’. Phillips went on to say it was ‘the biggest zoot’ he’d seen at Hyde Park - which is probably a fair assessment. 

Theo said it took him about four hours to grind the weed.

Every year, hundreds of people flock to Hyde Park on 20 April to protest against the drugs laws in the UK and to celebrate their love of marijuana. 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event hadn’t been able to go ahead as usual for the past couple of years, but people were back out in force today, with some travelling hundreds of miles to take part. 

One such visitor was a fella calling himself Cheech, who had travelled from Liverpool to the Big Smoke to take part. 

He told MyLondon: "My first 4/20. Always wanted to come but none of my mates wanted to.

"Don’t really have anything like this in Liverpool so happy to come. Been here since eleven and plan to be here till eight then go home tonight."

In the UK, marijuana is a Class B drug and it’s illegal to smoke for recreational use - meaning those found in possession of it could be facing five years in prison or an unlimited fine. 

More visitors at London's Hyde Park today.

The sentences are harsher again for anyone found guilty of producing or supplying the drug, with sentences of up to 14 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both. 

The Met Police told MyLondon: “It’s important that people have the right to peacefully protest, it is also important that there are consequences for those who break the law.

“Officers will focus efforts on people committing serious offences. However drug misuse is breaking the law and individuals using drugs, even if peacefully protesting, cannot expect to be exempt from policing.”

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@Jacob_LDR

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