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Man terrified after finding 'biggest spider in Britain' in his home

Man terrified after finding 'biggest spider in Britain' in his home

Honestly, this spider is not the sort of thing you'd want crawling around your home

A man was left terrified after finding ‘Britain’s biggest spider’ just chilling in his house. Have a look at the video to see it, but fair warning, it’s absolute nightmare fuel.

Honestly, what would you do if you discovered that thing living in your house?

Of course, some will say ‘put a pint glass over it and take it outside’ but in reality, that guy is grabbing the pint glass and sending you on a one-way ticket to A&E with it.

He owns the house now; you are now squatters in your own home... Best to just accept it and move on.

This absolute monster of a spider was discovered upon 24-year-old Scott Elwood’s arrival home in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

His mother had mentioned to him that there was an unwanted seasonal guest in their house, so Scott and his brother Mason Stott, along with their stepdad Dean Stackhouse decided that they were going to make it their business to find the ‘horrible’ creature.

Honestly, just look at that.
Kennedy News and Media

After a short search, they discovered a little hidey-hole covered in spider web, then started filming.

In the film – taken by Mason – you can see Dean bravely dangling a toothpick over a hole in the skirting board near to the dining table.

Then, it emerged.

Scott, who ‘hates creepy crawlies’ spoke of his terror when the creature – which he estimates to be about the size of his palm – came out of the hole.

On the video, someone can be heard to say ‘oh my God, that is evil’.

The same voice then proclaims: “Wow, look how big that f***er is. It’s f***ing massive that, Jesus.”

It’s hardly Attenborough, but it certainly conveys the message. Also, it seems like a fair assessment if you’ve actually seen the thing.

They got an idea how big it was before it fully emerged.
Kennedy News and Media

Scott, who admits to being ‘squeamish’, then shared the footage online, where it has quickly amassed more than eight million views.

It might just have saved the arachnid’s life, too.

Even though Scott can’t currently bring himself to eat in the living room, he admits that the spider is now ‘deserves to live on’ and hopes to release it outside somewhere.

Scott, who lives with his family, said: "It could potentially be the biggest spider in Britain.

"That was the biggest spider I've ever seen, anywhere, especially in my house. I'd say it's the size of your palm when it's stretched out.

"It was horrific seeing that in my house. I was terrified when I saw it and still terrified to this day.

The spider may yet be allowed to live.
Kennedy News and Media

"I absolutely hate them. Creepy crawlies and anything with that many legs are just horrible."

Mason added: "I was shocked to see the spider. I was pretty scared and didn't want to go near it."

Scott concluded: "If I'm honest, I don't know what to do next.

"We're waiting until the next time we see it and from there we'll just decide and make a plan as a family as to how we're going to deal with this thing.

"I definitely should have named it. What's a good name for a spider? I think it's Evel Knievel at this point, something evil.

"I think catching it and releasing it would be the best thing to do.

The family are hoping they won't have to kill it.
Kennedy News and Media

"If it's grown that big it's definitely been alive for a long time, I don't want to be the one that ends its life. I think it deserves to live on."

Everyone online is equally as horrified, of course.

One person commented: "I'd give him my house keys and move out," while a second referenced the gigantic spider from Harry Potter, writing: “It’s Aragog.”

A third said: "Where’s the hoover; get the HOOVER!!!"

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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