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Man Says He Was Fired For 'Being Too Fat' After Moving His Family 2,000 Miles For New Job

Man Says He Was Fired For 'Being Too Fat' After Moving His Family 2,000 Miles For New Job

Couple Hamish and Hazel Griffin allege they were sacked from their new manager roles at Big4 Strahan Holiday Retreat

A man says he was fired for being 'too fat' after reportedly moving his family 2,000 miles for a new job.

The Griffin family were hoping that the grass would be greener after leaving their life in, Queensland, Australia, for a new home in Tasmania.

However, couple Hamish and Hazel Griffin say they were sacked just two hours into their new manager roles at Big4 Strahan Holiday Retreat.

The dad claims that the employers hinted that his weight might be an issue when he was told to move a sofa from a shed at the park.

Hamish Griffin

He told ABC: "I was told I couldn't do the job because I was too fat. I was told I wouldn't be able to push a lawn mower or climb a ladder.

"I've been a park manager in north-west Queensland for eight years — I've been doing the job for eight years."

Although his job requires some maintenance work, Hamish says that his job was more of a 'management position'.

"Sure, you have urgent situations where you might be short-staffed, or you might have to go and give somebody a hand, which is what I've been doing for the last eight years on a bigger property, in harsher conditions."

Park owners reportedly told ABC that Mr Griffin's sacking was down to a workplace health issue and that he might harm himself while working.

They claim that Hamish withheld a health condition from them.


Mr Griffin added: "Why would I tell them? Carrying a few extra kilos, in my mind, is not going to inhibit me and hasn't inhibited me for the last eight years to carry out my duties as a manager of a park."

The family say they only spent one night in their new house and opted to pack and up leave.

Hamish went on to say: "It was just such a shock: the evening before, the boss and his wife had visited us and welcomed us with a bottle of wine. That morning, my son had been playing by the stream.

"We were basking in this paradise that was going to be our new home, and now I had to think about where we were going to sleep that night.

"This was not just a new job we'd lost. This was the loss of a new life. We had moved for a new life."


NB Lawyers director Jonathan Mamaril said: "In this matter, the employers made the point that this is potentially a medical condition.

"The problem with that type of comment is that it's a perception, and just the mere perception is simply not good enough. You need actual medical evidence to back that up.

"For the role of a manager, it's going to be very difficult for the employer to say that a person carrying a bit of extra weight is going to cause a health and safety risk."

LADbible have contacted Big4 Strahan Holiday Retreat for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Hamish Griffin

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