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Martin Lewis shares 12 ways you can knock money off energy bills

Shola Lee

| Last updated 

Martin Lewis shares 12 ways you can knock money off energy bills

Martin Lewis has shared 12 ways to save amid the cost of living crisis.

As energy bills continue to soar, the money-saving expert has shared his top tips for reducing your spending this winter.

And get ready to take note because this list includes everything from a pair of fleece-lined curtains, to a well-chosen shower head.



Yep, this could well be the day that you turn your money-wasting ways around because we didn't realise that half of these habits were costing us.

Check your boiler

First up, Lewis explains, is the 'boiler challenge' - we told you this was going to be fun.

So, the challenge is to turn down the flow temperature on your combi boiler to 60°c or below, because as Lewis explains, this 'can knock £££ off your heating bill each year and reduce energy waste from your home.'


If you're worried that'll make your house colder, it won't do a lot for the temperature - it just changes how quickly things heat up.

Lewis also suggests wrapping up your boiler - by putting a hot water jacket on your boiler you can save money by reducing heat loss.

Martin Lewis explained what to do if you think your energy bills are too high. Credit: ITV
Martin Lewis explained what to do if you think your energy bills are too high. Credit: ITV

Turn off the radiators in empty rooms


While you're at it, check your central heating and make sure it's off in any rooms you aren't using.

Reduce your heating - ever so slightly

Another top tip? The one-degree challenge.

The money-saving expert wants you to try reducing the temperature by 1°c for whatever you're currently on, which could help save 'around 10 percent on the heating bill'.


Check your fridge/freezer

Still, if you're feeling the cold you'll love this next one because it's a simple fridge check; by double-checking the temperature of your fridge and freezer you can make sure you're not throwing away money making things colder than they need to be.

For reference, a fridge should be around 3°c while a freezer should hit -18°c.



Next on Martin's list is bath water. If you run a bath that's too hot - wait for it to cool down, instead of wasting money pouring cold water into it. To be fair, we're guilty of this one.

Save with your shower head

Make sure you've got a money-saving shower head, which essentially reduces water usage.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Conscious curtains

Lewis suggests investing in some fleece-lined curtains that trap the heat, and remember to open your curtains out when the sun is shining to warm up your rooms naturally.

Reflective panels on radiators

You can also put reflective panels on your radiators to keep things toasty and it'll make your house look futuristic - what's not to love?

Change your telly settings

Knock down your TV usage by putting it on a low-energy setting - hey, if we can still binge Netflix, we're fine with this one.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay


If you want some entertainment off-screen, have a hunt for draughts in your house and fill them up to stop heat from being lost.

Tumble Dryer

And, sadly for anyone who loves a toasty pair of socks from the tumble dryer, just know that this is costing you around £1 per use, which I think we can all agree is better spent on a Greggs sausage roll.

We hope these tips help, and here's hoping the winter ahead isn't too long.

Featured Image Credit: Mark Thomas / Kay Roxby/ Alamy Stock Photo

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Shola Lee
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