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Mesmerising Moment Shark Swallows Diver's Camera And Shows Its Insides

Mesmerising Moment Shark Swallows Diver's Camera And Shows Its Insides

Conservationist and filmmaker Zimy Da Kid was out in the Maldives this month shooting for a documentary when he captured the footage

Ever wondered what it would look like to be eaten by a shark? Well, now you can see for yourself after some insane underwater footage has captured a POV of being on a hungry tiger shark's menu. Check it out:

Conservationist and filmmaker Zimy Da Kid was out in the Maldives this month shooting for a documentary when he caught the attention of a curious tiger shark, who apparently fancied a taste of his 360-degree camera.

Incredibly, despite being chowed down on by the predator, the camera survived, providing a mesmerising glimpse into the shark's mouth, including its gills and teeth.

The footage was captured in Fuvahmulah, south of the Maldives, where the population of tiger sharks is high.

Conservationist and filmmaker filmmaker Zimy Da Kid was out in Maldives when he captured the footage.

Speaking about the incredible encounter, Zimy told The Independent: “I put my Insta360 on a weight and then I put it on the sand and the shark was curious.

“He saw this shiny thing and he thought ‘let me taste it’ and then he bit the camera."

The 29-year-old said he is keen to change the negative perception people often have of the predators, explaining: "When sharks bite people it is not because they want to eat us, it’s because they see someone and they are curious so they just bite.

“But they usually never eat the person because they don’t like it.” Don't think I'd fancy my chances either way, to be honest.

The cinematographer also wants to encourage people to protect the planet, emphasising the importance of sharks in the ecosystem of the ocean.

“I started filming sharks because sharks are disappearing at a very, very fast rate which is going to be very bad for the ocean," he explained.

The shark's gills were visible in the incredible footage.

“If sharks disappear then the whole ecosystem of the ocean is going to fall apart. If the ocean falls apart, then we will fall apart with it.”

After being shared on Instagram, the clip has racked up thousands of likes, with viewers left in awe over the incredible - and admittedly terrifying - sight.

"This is phenomennal," wrote one user, as another commented: "This is insane."

A third wrote: "Are you serious, this is wild" and a fourth said: "The real JAWS."

Zimy is hoping his work will make 'people fall in love with sharks through beautiful images', and I think it's safe to say it definitely seems to be working if those comments are anything to go by.

Still, I think this is POV I'm more than happy to just experience through my phone screen.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@zimydakid

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