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Microsoft Has Stopped Making All Xbox One Consoles

Microsoft Has Stopped Making All Xbox One Consoles

The company has shifted its focus to the next generation

Microsoft has confirmed it has stopped making all Xbox One consoles.

The tech giant actually discontinued the Xbox One X and the digital Xbox One S before the launch of the Xbox Series X at the end of 2020, with production of the standard Xbox One S also halted that year.

Microsoft has confirmed it has stopped making all Xbox One consoles.

Cindy Walker, senior director of Xbox console product marketing, told The Verge: "To focus on production of Xbox Series X / S, we stopped production for all Xbox One consoles by the end of 2020."

LADbible has contacted Microsoft for comment.

The confirmation reflects how quickly the new generation can become old news in the world of gaming, with technology continuing to advance at a rapid rate.

Indeed, Sony is currently working on a virtual reality headset which will take virtual reality gaming 'to a whole new level'.

The PlayStation VR2 will work with the PlayStation 5 and will feature an ultra high definition 4K HDR display inside the headset.

Sony is working on a second generation PlayStation VR device.

A new set of controllers is also being created to go with the headset, while new sensory features including eye-tracking, headset feedback such as vibrations and 3D audio are being introduced too.

"PlayStation VR2 takes VR gaming to a whole new level, enabling a greater sense of presence and allowing players to escape into game worlds like never before," PlayStation’s Hideaki Nishino said.

"With the headset on and controllers in hand, players will feel a heightened range of sensations unlike any other – thanks to the creativity of the game worlds being built by our world-class developers, and the latest technology incorporated into the hardware.

"Building upon our innovations from PS5, PlayStation VR2 adds a true next-gen experience with high-fidelity visuals, new sensory features, and enhanced tracking – along with a simplified single-cord setup."

The first game for the new system – which does not yet have a confirmed release date – has also been revealed, set in the world of the popular Horizon franchise.

Horizon Call Of The Mountain promises to offer a brand new adventure built specifically for PlayStation VR2, Sony said, as players take on the role of a new character, who will encounter series protagonist Aloy.

Sony is yet to confirm whether or not the PlayStation VR2 will be released this year, so keep your eyes peeled folks.

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