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Dog walker solves mystery of missing great white shark by sheer luck

Dog walker solves mystery of missing great white shark by sheer luck

He just happened to stroll right into it

A dog walker has miraculously solved the bizarre mystery of a missing great white shark by sheer luck.

It all started when marine biologist, Dr Riley Elliott, installed four tags to track and investigate sharks for research purposes - namely to see how the prehistoric creatures' movements overlap with people.

Elliot, however, was left absolutely baffled to find out one of the tags - which was attached to a 4-year-old and 2.75 metres long great white named Daisy - had washed ashore.

The mystery has finally been solved.
Facebook/Riley Elliott - Shark Scientist

The tag had washed up on a beach in Tauranga in northern New Zealand, but it didn't stop there.

Satellite tracking data showed Daisy's tag didn’t stop moving as it went on to somehow makes its way into central Gate Pa, before eventually stopping near a demolition company, cycle store, glass splashback business and some houses.

However, due to the tracking tag only being accurate to a few hundred metres, Elliot was left with a pretty large scope as to where it had actually finally ended up.

Totally baffled by the whole ordeal, the marine biologist took to the good ole' internet to enlist some help with the hunt for the mysteriously missing tag.

Elliot posted to social media about the situation and, while he received a whole load of support, he was no closer to cracking the mystery of the great white that seemingly vanished into thin air.

That is until this week.

The tag was found in the Gate Pa area.
Facebook/Riley Elliott - Shark Scientist

He received a phone call on Monday (5 June) from a Gate Pa resident, Leanne.

Leanne told the researcher that her flatmate, David, has miraculously stumbled across the tag whilst taking his pup, Thor, along the beach for a stroll.

David, who picks up litter along the beach every day, had found the tracking tag and decided to take it home for further inspection, which he showed Leanne.

However, he had to go to a hospital appointment before going away for a short time, missing Elliot's online search.

Elliot explained to his Facebook page that the pair were fellow shark enthusiasts, adding: "Thank you to everyone who put the word out, shared the posts, searched the beaches, told your relatives, amazing work."

The dog walker just happened to walk past the great white shark tag.
Facebook/Riley Elliott - Shark Scientist

The scientist then explained that the tags can sometimes become detached due to floods and bad weather, which can see a load of debris in the ocean pull them right off.

After finally getting the tag back, Elliot began his next mission of trying to reattach it to Daisy - of whom he had received no signal from in two months.

However, just last week, he received an alert of the shark's whereabouts off Matakana Island, which is not too far a distance from where the tag washed up in the first place.

The marine biologist is currently continuing his search for Daisy and hopes he'll be reunited with her soon.

He wrote on Facebook: "Next step, find Daisy and continue to learn about her and other Great Whites sharks starting to share the waves with us in New Zealand."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Riley Elliot- Shark Scientist

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