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People are staggered at Morrisons selling a £147 turkey this Christmas

People are staggered at Morrisons selling a £147 turkey this Christmas

The cost of the supermarket's Best Organic Bronze Turkey sparked debate online

We all know that the price of our food shop has increased due to the cost of living crisis, but people have been left stunned after seeing a turkey seemingly on sale for £147.50 in Morrisons.

A picture of the supermarket’s The Best Organic Bronze Turkey which serves eight to 12, was shared on social media.

The price tag on the British bird which had a use by date of December 26 certainly ruffled some feathers, with one person saying: “I’d expect it to be bloody plated in bronze for that” and another joking “they can stuff that”.

Another added: “Wow if that’s the price of a bronze turkey I dread to think how much the silver and gold turkeys are.”

The turkey was spotted costing £147.50.
Reddit/ u/sifff

“If this was a proper free range, decently fed turkey, and I don’t mean free range by the standards but definition free range then I could understand the price,” said another user. “But there is no way in hell I’d trust any supermarket to sell a ‘real’ free range turkey. I’d rather pay this price and go to a local farmer.”

While another added: “I paid less for a turkey from a local farm in Germany, literally slaughtered on the 23rd and in the oven for the 25th.”

But others came to the supermarket’s defence.

“This is also a huge bird,” commented someone else. “£20 a kilo for good quality meat isn’t all that crazy. If I was paying that much I would prefer to go through a butcher I trust, but that’s just me.”

Adding: “We should be more shocked about the £20 turkeys than this.”

And someone else waded in on the debate, commenting: “The public, generally, do not have a realistic view of how much it costs to produce quality meat.”

The price of the turkey sparked debate online.

They explained that a bronze turkey takes around 25 weeks to mature which includes organic feed (which costs more this year) and 25 weeks of organic land management and animal housing. They also highlighted that staffing costs have increased this year too.

They added: “Bottom line: Quality (of life and product) costs money and people do not realise the cost and value of meat.”

Turkey farmers also previously warned the cost of turkeys could increase to £130 as the cost of rearing and caring for the birds has increased by a fifth since last year.

But this isn’t the first time the price of the traditional Christmas dinner staple has left people puzzled.

A shopper in Devon spotted a shelf of turkeys on sale at Morrisons for £140.60 on Tuesday.

However a spokesperson told Plymouth Live that this was a mistake and 'clearly a print error'.

LADbible contacted Morrisons which confirmed the £147.50 price was in fact correct.

A spokesperson said: "This turkey is the most premium organic product available in our offering and the price of £20 a kilo is in line with the market price. A similar sized turkey, Morrisons British large whole turkey, is available to buy for £4.99 per kg, costing around £31.44."

Featured Image Credit: Reddit / eye35.pix / Alamy Stock Photo

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