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Mother's Christmas 'Ruined' After 'Cowboy Job' From Halfords Breaks Her Mercedes

Mother's Christmas 'Ruined' After 'Cowboy Job' From Halfords Breaks Her Mercedes

A mum says that her lead up to Christmas was ruined after the unprepared heater caused all sorts of problems in her Mercedes

A mum says that her lead up to Christmas was 'ruined' after a mechanic wrongly fitted a dash cam into her Mercedes, which 'could have caused a fire'.

Sefia Rashid was on her way to Winter Wonderland Funland with her children when the windows of her car began steaming up after the heater seemingly broke.

She said that her kids were left freezing cold, whilst the car itself was only six months old.

After calling out the AA, the mechanic asked if any work had been done on the car.

"He looked at me and said 'who on earth fitted your dashcam?'," Sefia told the Manchester Evening News, explaining how she went to get a dash cam fitted at Halfords on Monday, 13 December.

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Sefia said the AA mechanic called it a 'cowboy job' that had 'buggered up the fuse box'.

"He said that the wires going into the fuses looked like a rat had been chewing them," Sefia, from Chorlton, Greater Manchester, said.

Although the mechanic repaired the damage to the under-foot fuse box, Sefia worries that she could have suffered a worse fate as a result of poor work.

"It could have caused a fire or anything," she added.

"If I had continued to drive and if it was summer I wouldn't have released the heater was broken. It's just not acceptable."

Sefia went on to say: "I've had such a bad experience. They actually broke my vehicle. I've only had the car since July."


Her bad experience began the day she dropped off her car at a local Halfords branch to get a dash cam fitted.

When arriving to collect her vehicle, the staff informed her that the car was still not ready.

Instead, she had to pay for her friend to take a taxi to two different schools to pick her children up.

Sefia said Halfords charged her £80 for the dash cam and £35 for the fitting. However, she ended up spending over £70 on taxis, and missing out on Christmas experiences such as Winter Wonderland, as a result of the damage.

A Halfords spokesperson said: "We take services and customer service very seriously, helping thousands of customers every week.

"On this occasion we have clearly fallen short of our high standards

and are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, especially over

the festive period.

"We are pleased to have reached a resolution with Ms Rashid and will be compensating her the cost of the remedial work, travel and the missed family events."

LADbible have also contacted Halfords for comment.

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