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Kick streamer falls off table while getting drunk the night before climbing Mount Everest

Katherine Sidnell

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Many of us might have had too much to drink before an important event, but few will be on the same level as this Kick streamer.

Despite preparing to climb Everest the next day, Imjoel3004 decided to mark the occasion with a drink in a Nepal bar.

It’s here that the online star made a mountain of a molehill though, as he decided to get incredibly drunk and even fell off his chair during a live stream.

The hilarious moment was aired on Kick, with fans watching on in horror as Imjoel3004, also known as Joel, desperately tries to cling to the table.


With the music blaring in the background and evidence of the heavy night surrounding him, Joel struggles to stay upright and eventually loses his grip.

As the plastic glasses clatter around him, another patron of the bar rushes to help while followers react in the comments.

The stranger can even be heard asking if the streamer is OK, as he groans in pain after hitting the deck. (Ouch)

While most of us would be taking it easy, Joel decided to celebrate in style. Credit: Kick/@Imjoel3004
While most of us would be taking it easy, Joel decided to celebrate in style. Credit: Kick/@Imjoel3004

While it’s a couple of seconds be he up on his feet, Joel then begins dutifully clearing up after creating utter chaos in the high-altitude bar.

It’s only then that the short clip ends, although it’s unclear whether he continued the Kick stream.

Many of his followers had assumed that this had put an end to his Everest expedition, as they commented in the live stream.

“Told u to take it easy,” complained one fan on Kick, while another joked that the streamer would get ‘deported’ for his drunken antics.


On Twitter, used had a similar reaction as they commented on the now-viral video which has gained over 242,000 views since yesterday (May 22).

“I don't think he will be climbing Mt.Everest...” quipped on Twitter user.

However, some had more empathy for Joel given the dangerous ascent he was about to undertake.

Referring to the streamer’s drunk behaviour, they wrote: “I would to, assuming I was about to die on Mt Everest.”

Thankfully, Joel seems to have recovered. Credit: Kick/@Imjoel3004
Thankfully, Joel seems to have recovered. Credit: Kick/@Imjoel3004

Thankfully though, the internet star has seemingly made a full recovery and was even sharing the latest instalment of his journey this morning (May 23).

During the stream, Joel and another climber were shown walking with the beautiful Himalayan mountains behind them as they carry huge backpacks.

While it’s unclear how far they were from base camp, it’s hard not to admire Joel’s adventurous sprit.


Hungover or not, it seems nothing will stop this streamer from having his mountaintop moment.

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Katherine Sidnell

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