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People are horrified after seeing MRI images of a baby inside the womb

People are horrified after seeing MRI images of a baby inside the womb

While it might look like the spawn of Satan is growing inside you, it's not nearly as bad as you think.

Getting an ultrasound during your pregnancy journey can be a wonderful thing that gets parents ready to meet their newborn.

Seeing the faint image of a human growing inside the womb makes it very real and mums and dad will happily post a photo of their ultrasound on social media.

However, if you ever get an MRI scan of your soon-to-be born baby then chances are you'll never let those pictures see the light of day.

An MRI machine 'uses magnetic fields and radio waves' to take loads of cross-sectional pictures of the body.

It gives doctors and parents a good idea of exactly what the baby is looking like.

An MRI might be ordered for the foetus to 'evaluate abnormalities in the baby's brain, spine, and body', according to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

They give off a very different vibe to the ultrasound and can often leave the uninitiated a little shocked.

I mean, they look like straight up demon children from another planet.

Pictures like these often go viral on social media because people are genuinely horrified that a baby could look like that.

One post from 2021 attracted loads of attention and one person said in response: "I don't want these to be real. They're not real are they??"

Another added: "You’re not kidding anyone, that’s just the alien from Mars Attacks!"

A third wrote: "I had one when I was 8 and a half months pregnant and they wouldn’t let me see it AND NOW I SEE WHY."

The photos were so outrageous that fact-checking website Snopes did an investigation to see if they were real.

They concluded the pictures most certainly are accurate and they even spoke to a graduate research assistant and Ph.D. candidate at the University of Wisconsin.

Harvard Medical School

Jason Moody uses MRI technology to study age-related brain changes and he told the site that these devilish looking pictures shows what these machines do best.

"MRI makes it very easy to differentiate between different types of soft tissue found in the body and we are mostly soft tissue. Remember, we are mostly water,” Moody said.

“One of the primary features of these images are the substantial signal differences between the eyes, brain, nose, and the rest of the face.”

So there you have it, if you're expecting a baby and the doctor says you need an MRI scan, don't be shocked when the spawn of Satan is staring back at you in the images.

Featured Image Credit: Harvard Medical School

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