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Lad gets absolutely ruined by mum while posing for TikTok video

Lad gets absolutely ruined by mum while posing for TikTok video

People have gone wild for this mum's reaction while her son flexed his muscles in front of the camera

A TikTok user got an absolute roasting by his mum while creating a video to upload onto the platform.

Tom Williams had been filming himself posing in front of the camera when he captured he hilarious moment.

Just wearing a pair of shorts in the clip, he can be seen flexing his tattooed body while his mum watches what he’s doing on the sofa behind.

As he switches up his bodybuilding poses, his mum, who’s lounging out watching TV, brings him back down to earth with a thud.

In the hilarious quip she tells him: “It doesn’t matter how muscly you get, you’re still boring.”

And from his reaction, you can almost tell this isn’t the first time her comments have helped to keep her son grounded.

The lad was filming himself posing.
TikTok/ @tomwilliams773

Turning around, he responds: “Thanks mum. Cheers for that” with an exasperated smile, before switching his camera off.

Uploading the video onto TikTok, he captioned the clip: “No need for her to do me like that “

He also overlayed the words 'mum violating me' over the footage in good humour.

The clip has since gone viral, receiving more than 700,000 likes and more than 4,000 comments. It’s also been shared more than 7,000 times.

Users were loving his mum’s blasé attitude with many calling her a ‘legend’.

One person also said: “The way she said it so casually took my breath away.”

TikTok users have loved his mum's reaction.

Others laughed at how well parents can bring their kids back down to reality.

“HAHA parents are so humbling,” said one.

While another wrote: “Humbled him real quick.”

But it’s a situation many people can relate to.

One user commented: “This morning I heard my dad tell my brother.... ‘what’s ur muscles going to do for you when u have no job’ HAHAHA.”

Others were impressed with the original poster’s physique and dedication writing: “No, You’re not boring. The incredible discipline it takes to stay lean and build muscle. Well done. You have a right to be proud!”

However, others weren’t so impressed with the mother’s reaction.

Taking offence at the situation, one person said: “This makes me so sad to hear, being a mom. The world is cruel enough, home should be your safe space.”

Another wrote: “siblings are expected to be like that, not your parents.”

But they were also quickly brought back down with one user writing: “You just don’t get British humour. It’s just banter and she doesn’t really mean it.”

Another also responded: “Take a pill, this is nothing compared to what siblings say.”

Featured Image Credit: @tomwilliams773/TikTok

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