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New Boomer Gym Bans Anyone Born After 1970

New Boomer Gym Bans Anyone Born After 1970

Sorry millennials, this is not for you.

For boomers who can’t deal with gymtimidation, you’re in luck - a new gym has opened up that doesn’t allow anyone born after 1970 to join. 

Club Active is a series of fitness facilities in Australia owned by Chris Hemsworth’s PT Jonathan Freeman, offering a ‘safe space for Boomers’. 

In other words, no millennials or Gen-Zers allowed. 

Club Active founder and managing director, Jonathan Freeman.

Speaking about the unique gym concept following the most recently opened facility in Castle Hill, Jonathan told why he decided to cater only to the over 50s age group. 

He said: “Mainstream gyms are certainly not designed to support this age group, nor are they overly welcoming, which often impacts their motivation for and ability to exercise comfortably and regularly.

“The truth is, the traditional gym environment can often be intimidating for the ageing population which is why I set out to create a space that was welcoming, supportive and fun and catered specifically to their needs.

“Having parents in the active Baby Boomer space, it was important for me to ensure that they could change the way they exercise – and that they had a space where they felt comfortable to do so.”


Let’s face it, gyms can be pretty intimidating for a lot of people, especially when there’s a particularly high percentage of gym junkies and posers. 

This is why Jonathan launched Club Active, adding: “I wanted to create a space where the over 50s age group felt completely comfortable to exercise safely and at their own pace.”

Jonathan recently appeared on Studio 10 to discuss some of the interesting points about the fitness chain, including the fact that his #1 client Chris Hemsworth wouldn’t actually be allowed to workout at one of its facilities. 

When quizzed over whether this is the case, he said: “Unfortunately that’s it. We’ve opened Club Active with a real big focus on the Baby Boomer population,” before jokingly adding: “Sorry Chris, but you’ll have to find somewhere else.”

Jonathan explained that he wants it to offer an alternative to retirement being ‘something where you end up seeing doctor, after doctor, after doctor and not enjoying yourself’. 

When asked if he’s had any pushback from millennials, he replied: “A little bit but I’m okay with that.”

To be fair, they’re not the generation he’s trying to impress, and so far the concept has proved popular with Boomers. 

Club Active now has seven gyms located across NSW and Queensland, all of which cater to those born before 1970. 

Featured Image Credit: Studio 10/Alamy

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