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New UK Restaurant Called Out For ‘Sexist’ Dress Code For Women

New UK Restaurant Called Out For ‘Sexist’ Dress Code For Women

Beluga Bar has been blasted after people took issue with its terms and conditions

A new restaurant has been blasted over its 'sexist' rules.

Beluga Bar in Leatherhead, Surrey, is set to open this week and prides itself on being a pretty smart establishment, banning hoodies and tracksuits.

The exclusive bar says guests must be dressed well.
Beluga Bar

At first, that doesn't seem too out of the ordinary, loads of places insist that their diners are dressed well.

However, the 'invite only' eatery's terms and conditions don't just stop at banning people from wearing a pair of scruffy trainers, they also advise women on what would look good on them.

It reads: "Dress code is smart casuals with jackets for men, no tracksuits, no t-shirt and women can wear skinny jeans with sexy black ankle-strap heels and with a form-fitting top.

"Alternatively, there are many different types of dresses that would look good at a bar in the summer or winter, namely a midi or bodycon dresses."

After spotting the peculiar rules, people online began sharing their thoughts on the bar's Facebook page.

Commenting on one of Beluga's posts, one user said: "Your dress code is disgusting and sexist! Should be ashamed… a lot of people will be boycotting."

The terms and conditions.

Echoing the outrage, another wrote: "Absolutely ridiculous. I can only hope for the sake of womankind that this is some deliberate campaign by Beluga.surrey to highlight the appalling misogyny and sexism we still deal with on a daily basis.

"If not - shame on them."

A third said: "Never in a million years! Your dress code is appallingly misogynistic. If this is how you treat your customers, I pity your employees.

"Your antiquated attitude is shocking, disgusting and not welcome. Shame on you all."


While another added: "Sort your dress code and rules out. It’s LEATHERHEAD not the f***ing Ritz."

It appears as though the terms and conditions have since been removed from the bar's website.

However, elsewhere bosses describe the bar as being one of the most exclusive venues in the area.

It says: "Beluga is a modern and elegant place to enjoy an evening of fine dining, exciting cocktails with the best in-house DJs and music to upbeat your senses.

"Our award-winning chefs have designed an electric menu, which will take the city by storm, chefs masterminds our innovative menus, while our talented mixologists are driving forward Surrey’s cocktail culture with exciting ingredients and creations.

"Relax in our luxurious art deco styled restaurant and treat yourself to our outstanding sushi menu at Beluga. It’s a taste sensation!"

LADbible has contacted Beluga Bar for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Beluga Bar

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