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New water-soluble vegan clothing adhesive is being labelled a 'game-changer'

New water-soluble vegan clothing adhesive is being labelled a 'game-changer'

CLUTCH is making some serious waves in the fashion industry.

A new clothing adhesive is making waves in the fashion industry ever since it was launched in Australia.

CLUTCH is a first-of-its-kind vegan clothing glue that is sweat-resistant, water-soluble and hypoallergenic.

When you're heading out for a night on the town and you need to make sure your outfit stays where it's meant to, many people will quickly reach for double sided tape.

However, when you finish up, it can be a little painful trying to strip that tape off your body, especially if it's in sensitive areas.

However, thats where CLUTCH comes in.


This new glue 'allows you to bond with your clothes like never before and is safe for sensitive skin'.

What's even better is that it washes out of your clothes when you've finished.

No more picking at your beautiful outfit until the double-sided tape comes off.

When you want to use the glue, you should apple a small amount to clean, dry skin where you’d like to stick your clothing.

Then, put your clothing onto the glued area and press down gently.

Users are warned to minimise too much movement for five to 10 minutes as the glue gets stronger when it's not moving around too much.

One reviewer wrote: "I thought CLUTCH was fantastic! Worked really well! And the packaging in beautiful.”

Another added: "I wore a strapless dress to my work Christmas party and thanks to CLUTCH I didn't have to pull it up once all night! This stuff is insane!!!"

A third said: "CLUTCHed in all night literally no movement AND it didn't take off my fake tan once I washed it off! Revolutionary!"


CLUTCH is founded and independently owned by women and the business manufactures its product right here in Sydney.

The glue comes in 100 per cent recycled and recyclable packaging, which eliminates the need for single use plastic unlike fashion tape.

Annabel Hay launched the brand after realising there must be a better way to keep your clothes where you want them to be.

She was disappointed with what was on the market and set out to create her own.

Hay spent four years perfecting the product and has now come up with a 'more reliable and effective alternative into a largely uninspired and unchartered business sector'.

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