Ambulance Bosses Apologise After Dashcam Footage Shows Vehicle Cutting Up Lotus Driver

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Ambulance Bosses Apologise After Dashcam Footage Shows Vehicle Cutting Up Lotus Driver

The Scottish Ambulance Service has apologised after dashcam footage appeared to show an overtaking motorist having their lane cut off by an ambulance driver. Watch footage of the near-miss below:


An investigation has been launched by the ambulance service today (2 September), after the footage showed the motorist having to sharply break to avoid a collision.

Nic Foxton, 53, is from Skipton, North Yorkshire, and captured footage last month (19 August) attempting to overtake the ambulance that had been travelling in front of him.


The incident occurred when the 53-year-old had been driving near Leckmelm in Wester Ross along the A835 road in his Lotus Elise.

Dashcam footage shows Nic driving along at 40mph in the left hand lane on the 60mph road behind an ambulance.

Nic Foxton. Credit: Deadline News
Nic Foxton. Credit: Deadline News

He then accelerates to around 45mph before driving across to the other lane to overtake the vehicles in front.


However, within seconds the ambulance in front of him puts on its indicators and moves out in front of Nic's car.

The man is then forced to slam on his brakes to avoid crashing right into the back of the emergency vehicle.

Credit: Deadline News
Credit: Deadline News

The screeching of the brakes can be heard as the frustrated driver beeps his horn.


A spokesperson for the Scottish Ambulance Service today said sorry for any distress that was caused.

They said: "Our staff are trained to a high standard of professional driving and we expect due application at all times.

"We are investigating this incident and apologise for the distress caused."

Nic today responded to the apology and said: "That's very kind of them.


"People stress and make mistakes, I only hope the driver is reminded he is sharing the road with other people and needs to be appropriately observant and considerate towards them."

Nic shared the footage to Facebook on Tuesday captioned: "Mirror, signal,
manoeuvre... unless you're a Scottish ambulance driver."

Social media users issued varying responses as to who was at fault in the video.

One viewer said: "Why are you overtaking like that unless you want to see the inside of a private ambulance.


"Yes it's clear ahead but you still can't see far enough to be sure it's safe."

While one disagreed: "He waited for a safe overtake and went for it, the ambulance driver was wrong obviously he did not use his mirrors."

Featured Image Credit: Deadline News

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