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Australian Man Falls To His Death From Rooftop Bar On New Year's Eve

Australian Man Falls To His Death From Rooftop Bar On New Year's Eve

Horrified eyewitness saw the man fall

A man has died during New Year's Eve celebrations in Australia after falling from a rooftop bar.

The unnamed 24-year-old man plunged 21 floors to his death from the Emporium Hotel's rooftop bar in Brisbane at around 11.30pm.

Large crowds at gathered at the rooftop bar to watch the New Year's Eve fireworks and were left traumatised by what they saw.

One horrified eyewitness told the Daily Mail: "We had literally just arrived and were going to see the fireworks. As we passed the lobby of the Emporium hotel on the footpath of Grey Street, we heard a very loud bang next to us.

"[We] saw a man fall onto the tray of a truck that was parked out the front of the entrance and bounce off onto the concrete road.

"We were thankfully spared as he could have easily fallen on top of us, or in front of us."

She added: "My friend was the worst to be affected as she witnessed him falling and hitting the ground.

"Then people started screaming and running towards the body. Police started flooding in and we told them what we had witnessed."

Roads in the area were temporarily closed while police and emergency services attended, but were later reopened.

Police are not treating the death as suspicious.

Emporium Hotel manager Charles Martin passed on his condolences to the man's family and said support will be made available for anyone who witnessed the incident.

He told the Courier Mail: "The first priority has been to hotel guests and team members who may have witnessed the incident... counselling services have been arranged for those needing support to deal with the incident."

North Brisbane District Superintendent Chris Stream.
7 News

The horrific incident happened as the rest of the country was preparing to step into the new decade.

Police in Queensland said that, although there were 46 arrests overnight, overall the partygoers and fun seekers were pretty well behaved.

Most arrests were for charges of for anti-social behaviour, alcohol and drug related incidents - with 29 of the 49 charges being for 'public nuisance'.

North Brisbane District Superintendent Chris Stream told Pedestrian TV: "Although officers were kept busy across Queensland last night, police were happy with the well-behaved crowds."

Featured Image Credit: Google Maps

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