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Beach Volunteers Left To Clean Up Dirty Underwear And Faeces In Yoghurt Pots

Beach Volunteers Left To Clean Up Dirty Underwear And Faeces In Yoghurt Pots

An environmental group posted the vile pictures to social media

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward


Selfish beach-goers have once again left locals to clean up their mess, which included poo in yoghurt pots, dirty underwear and disposable barbecues.

An environmental group that looks after Poole beach in Bournemouth, in Dorset, posted the vile pictures to social media, which showed human faeces and mounds of rubbish scattered around the area.


GoPladdle's Facebook post read: "We've been down to Lake Pier today to clean up the remaining mess from the weekend... it was in a sorry state to say the least!

"While we can commend the great effort some people went to disguising their faeces inside take away containers, yoghurt pots, towels, blankets, socks and crisp packets. We did not enjoy clearing it up.

"The amount of blood soaked sanitary pads, tampons and knickers, bottles of p***, dirty nappies, discarded PPE, piles of faeces in the bushes, along the shoreline and around sides of the car park was stomach churning. We had to call a halt to clearing the back of the canoe club when the stench of ammonia became too much.

"Along with all this, there was also a half full bin bag of fag butts, piles of food packaging, untold amounts of soiled wet wipes in the bushes and enough broken glass to slice open even the toughest of soles.

"All the expletives in the world cannot explain how bitterly disappointed we are with the human race right now."

It comes after local councillors hit out at careless visitors who left the beach a mess in Formby, Merseyside.

Formby beach was covered in litter last week.
Lisa Brad

A National Trust spokesperson said: "Our outdoor teams are working incredibly hard to keep our places open, safe and clean - but we need everyone's help to keep them that way. We are emptying bins as often as we can, but we are currently operating with fewer staff than normal.

"We would urge everyone who visits our sites to take their litter home with them. Dropping litter or using already full bins puts extra pressure on our staff and local authorities at a time when resources are stretched."

Hoards of people ignoring social distancing guidelines.
Steve Butler

Environment Minister Rebecca Pow said: "Littering blights communities, spoils our countryside and poses a risk to human health. Councils have the power to issue on-the-spot fines for up to £150 for littering as well as target owners of vehicles where litter is thrown out with penalty charge notices.

"Local authorities and the Environment Agency can also issue penalties of up to £400 to householders who fail to pass their waste to a licensed carrier and whose waste is then found fly-tipped.

"Those caught fly-tipping can receive an unlimited fine and a prison sentence of up to five years. As I say all too frequently - please don't destroy what you have come to enjoy."

Featured Image Credit: GoPladdle

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