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BMW Driver Stopped By Police For Driving Whilst Watching A Film

BMW Driver Stopped By Police For Driving Whilst Watching A Film

The driver didn't realise he was being followed for about two miles.

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Let's get this out of the way to start with - stereotypes in general are not great. They're unhelpful and can sometimes border on being offensive.

With that said, not all stereotypes are entirely wrong.

A BMW driver has been stopped on the M25 in Surrey because he was watching a film while driving. The driver was so busy glued to the movie that they failed to spot the police motorcyclist that was following alongside for about two miles.

This incident took place at about 7:30pm on Saturday 10th March between Junction eight and nine of the London Orbital motorway.

It goes without saying that this is crazy and dangerous behaviour when you are driving in any situation, but driving at speed on the motorway it is verging on the ridiculous.

One Twitter user asked the police force a fair question, with Bruce Ritchie tweeting: "Do you ever think screen usage will ever be treated like drink driving"

The response from Surrey Police was: "No. We need to get mobile phone legislation changed first."

The penalty for driving whilst using a mobile device or a similar device is a maximum fine of up to £1,000. The driver may also be disqualified from driving - you'd hope that this person watching a film would be enough to keep him off the road for a while to have a think about their actions.

Another Twitter used asked a different important question - what film were they watching?

Crash, perhaps? Death Race? Speed?

Luckily the folks running the Surrey Police have a sense of humour as well.

They responded: "Dumb and Dumber".

You'd have to have a decent sense of humour to work on the M25 all of the time. On top of the fact that it's a car park for most of the average weekday, there have also been a good few bizarre events on there in recent years.


In November 2016, a man was spotted driving on the M25 whilst eating noodles with chopsticks. In 2017, another driver was captured driving along with a full front wheel missing.

In fact, all of these events took place within the space of four junctions in Surrey.

The officers of the Surrey Police Road Unit have definitely got their work cut out for them.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Surrey Police's Road Unit

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