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Brits Abroad Forced To Flee Flash Floods In Benidorm

Brits Abroad Forced To Flee Flash Floods In Benidorm

Brits in Benidorm usually go to escape the rain - but got more than they bargained for as the Spanish resort was hit by flash floods

Typically, British people go to Benidorm to escape from our dreary grey climate and sun themselves while still enjoying the roast dinners and flat lagers of home.

Though we largely live in awe of the weather in Spain, there is a lot to be said for our own slightly miserable climate: for one, we're built to cope with pretty much anything.

(Well, except for snow, or the potential for rain to fall in autumn and leaves to fall on train lines, but let's ignore that.)

When somewhere like Benidorm gets a proper soaking, a real downpour, then they are less well equipped to deal with it - as this amazing footage from the British capital of Spain shows.

Benidorm has been experiencing some admittedly crazy weather this summer.

While we have basked in our own heatwave of around 30 degrees, Benidorm has suffered through temperatures closer to 40, followed by torrential rainstorms that have caused flash flooding.

"This was after just 30 minutes of heavy rain," said Charlie Brown, 25, a cruise worker from Nottingham who filmed the video above.

"Weather like this is not normal for Benidorm at this time of the year. It's practically unheard of.


"August is normally scorching, but it was freezing this morning - I had to put my heating on. It often floods when there's rain because the drainage system isn't great, but this was just crazy.

"I even lost my flip-flop battling against the current. I've been walking around with only one since. The water was over my ankles. It was hard to walk up the hill."

Oh, the humanity. One flip-flop - how will he survive?

"I suppose holidaymakers would be pretty pissed off if they'd travelled here for some sun. It is sunny now though. This was right by the sea in front of the beach."


To be honest, if stories coming out of Benidorm this summer are to be believed, making the place seem more British would probably go down a treat: most notably the woman who famously complained that there were too many Spanish people in her holiday resort in Spain.

There is a dark irony in British people going to Spain to get soaked while the usually sodden land back home continues to enjoy some unseasonably nice weather.

But can you get a roast dinner at 2 am in Wigan? Can you see a woman fire ping pong balls out of her you-know-what in Oldham?

Actually, don't answer that.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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