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CCTV Footage Captures Traffic Warden Being Brutally Attacked By Motorist

CCTV Footage Captures Traffic Warden Being Brutally Attacked By Motorist

CCTV footage has emerged showing the brutal assault of a traffic warden that left the victim with a broken shoulder.


Credit: Kent Police

Daniel Corneille was jailed for two years for the attack that left traffic warden Gareth Lawrence unable to dress himself.

Corneille became angry at receiving a ticket for parking obstructing a special studded piece of pavement intended to help blind people cross the road.

As Lawrence was taking a picture of the car for evidence he was shoved from behind and fell to the floor, before being shoved into the window of a nearby building, injuring his shoulder.

Corneille has 55 previous convictions including two violent crimes.


In 2010 he repeatedly stabbed a man who was in a relationship with his friend's ex-partner.

The prosecutor, Dominic Connolly, told the court of the video footage: "It showed Mr Lawrence flying some two to three metres, the full width of the pavement, before slamming into the restaurant window."

Having shoved the traffic warden to the ground, Corneille stood over him threatening:

"l'll smack your fucking head in, alright fat boy, alright fat boy"

Credit: Facebook

It then showed the defendant leaning over Mr Lawrence, shouting in his face and then using his left hand to push his head with sufficient power that his head falls to the ground."

Corneille, 47, then fled the scene in his car before being arrested and admitting his guilt a week later.

Mr Lawrence was unable to work for six weeks following the assault.

In court the defendant cried upon seeing the CCTV footage and wrote a letter to his victim that was described as 'exceptionally impressive and moving'.

However, Judge Martin Joy handed down a two year sentence, despite his remorse.

Credit: Kent Police

He said: "This was a gratuitous, unprovoked attack on a traffic warden. You attacked him from behind; it was a sustained attack, extremely forceful and undoubtedly aggressive.

"He was totally defenceless and when he was down you attacked him again and he was seriously injured. The letter does you credit and it is a genuine expression of remorse. But you are a man on a short fuse - that is plain.

"The offence is so serious that a non-custodial sentence cannot be justified. Any public officer attacked in the way you did is entitled to look to the protection of the court, and those who do attack people such as traffic wardens can expect serious, significant and severe punishment."

In his letter of apology to Lawrence, he wrote: "I cannot express enough how terrible I feel. Sorry just doesn't do you any justice but I truly am."

Featured Image Credit: Kent Police

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