Dashcam Footage Shows Huge Green Meteor Light Up Irish Skies

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Dashcam Footage Shows Huge Green Meteor Light Up Irish Skies

Multiple reports have been shared of a huge green meteor that lit up the skies above Ireland on Monday night.

The massive fireball can clearly be seen making its way across the skyline at around 6.45pm, with various people lucky enough to see it, and even capture it on camera. It could even be seen from as far away as Wales.


One Twitter user posted dashcam footage of the amazing sight, writing: "Just caught this on my dashcam outside Banteer, Cork. Bright meteor/fireball flashing across the sky. Footage doesn't do it justice, very cool. #greatballsoffire"


As the night went on, more photos and videos started to emerge, with people questioning if it was just them that had seen the incredible sight.

A Twitter user posted: "Anyone else after seeing a really really bright shooting star 5 mins ago? Bright green, half way down the sky, due south from Mayo."

Someone replied: "I just seen this in Strabane, County Tyrone!!! I thought I was going mad."

Astronomy Ireland, a non-profit organisation that specialises in the subject tweeted: "Clare, Cork, Athlone, Fermanagh all sending reports of a meteor sighting in the skies tonight. It sounds like a big one. Reports from Wales too and a picture, to come."


Social media users questioned whether it was a fireball, with the astronomy experts posting:

Others just expressed their amazement at witnessing the spectacle.

Someone posted on Twitter: "I was putting my grandparents into their car there a couple hours ago, looked up and started freaking out, didn't know what I'd saw."


Another explained: "I saw this in the sky at the same time from #Galway. Bright green streak through the air from the south west. I thought it was a firework because shooting stars are usually yellow. Couldn't believe my eyes. Exactly like your picture."

A third commented: "Saw it myself over counties Antrim/Down. Thought I was going nuts. What a brilliant thing to witness. Gonna make a big wish now."

Others just wanted to know they'd not imagined the whole thing, with one user commenting: "Now, somebody else tell me they just saw that #meteor fly out over the Irish Sea #imnotseeingthings."

It's not yet confirmed where the meteor came from, but it follows more astral activity last week, when the Orionids were visible in the UK, from 16 October to 27 October; although they peaked on 22 October.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/SeanLinehan

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