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Dozens Of 'Human Smuggling' Hostages Rescued After Man In Underpants Escaped

Dozens Of 'Human Smuggling' Hostages Rescued After Man In Underpants Escaped

All of the hostages were discovered wearing only underwear

Jake Massey

Jake Massey

Dozens of 'human smuggling hostages' in the US have been rescued after one man escaped. Watch what happened here:

Officers in Houston responded to a kidnapping call last (Thursday) night after a man in underpants ran down the street crying for help, claiming he'd been held against his will.

Police subsequently entered the home where he was held, finding a further 25 men and one woman in nothing but underwear.

They were not bound, but had been locked in.

Members of the group said they had been there between a few days and a week, having been picked up in Texas and arrived from countries such as Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Cuba.

They were all wearing nothing but underwear.
ABC 13

Houston police said they have detained suspects and are waiting on immigration officials to begin their investigation.

An officer at the scene told ABC 13: "I think what the suspects did is they undressed and they hid among the other people.

"And so we pulled out the ones that looked clean, that still had their jewellery - most people were dirty and they didn't have jewellery on, these few people did."

The people found in the home were taken to Ridgemont Elementary School for shelter, with locals reportedly offering them clothes.

They were also given medical checks and one man was found to have minor injuries from falling through an attic and was taken to hospital.

On Twitter, Houston Police said: "Southwest officers are at 4800 Raven Ridge. Officers received a report of a male in his briefs running down the street yelling that he had been kidnapped.

One of the group was injured.
ABC 13

"The male advised that thirty more people were being held hostage in the house. Officers made entry and rescued approximately 25 males and 1 female.

"Officers found this was a human smuggling operation and are cooperating with DHS.

"Fort Bend ISD police assisted by opening a nearby school gym so the victims could get out of the cold."

LADbible has contacted Houston Police for an update.

Featured Image Credit: ABC 13

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