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Jet Skier Captures Terrifying Footage Of Beirut Explosion

Jet Skier Captures Terrifying Footage Of Beirut Explosion

The jet ski can be seen in the foreground of the shot, the rider filming from below it in the water, as the huge blast erupts from the port

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

New footage has emerged showing the explosion in Beirut earlier this week from a different perspective, with the clips filmed by a jet skier from the nearby water.

One TikTok video had text overlaid that read: "MASSIVE explosion in Beirut."

The jet ski can be seen in the foreground of the shot, with the rider filming from the water, as the huge blast erupts from the port.

At one point, whoever is recording even ducks under the surface, before rising again to see a huge cloud rising up into the sky.


Other clips appear to be filmed by someone on a jet ski, riding away from the explosion.

One person commented on social media: "You can see the shock wave on the water just before it hits the jet ski."

Another added: "That was smart to dive under the water."

Various other videos have emerged from the incident, with many showing the blast from different angles.

A wedding photographer called Mahmoud Nakib was filming newlywed Israa Seblani when it happened.

In the clip, she can be seen posing in her wedding dress and smiling into the camera, before a huge bang is then heard in the distance.

The camera then pans away to a different street where huge clouds of dust can be seen hanging around.

Seblani, who had just got married to Ahmad Subeih, makes a run for cover, while others flee across the street.

The 28-year-old bride told Reuters: "I have been preparing for my big day for two weeks and I was so happy like all other girls, 'I am getting married'. My parents are going to be happy seeing me in a white dress, I will be looking like a princess.

"What happened during the explosion here - there is no word to explain... I was shocked, I was wondering what happened, am I going to die? How am I going to die?"

Shocking footage from elsewhere also showed the moment a woman - believed to be a maid - scooped up a small child and rushed her to safety as the impact hit their building.

She can be seen in the clip vacuuming the floor while a small child plays nearby, when something startles them as the camera shakes slightly.

As they stop to work out what's happened, a large blast hits the building, and without missing a beat the woman picks up the child and runs into another room.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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