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​Former Ann Summers Worker Claims Someone Tested Out Sex Toy In Shop

​Former Ann Summers Worker Claims Someone Tested Out Sex Toy In Shop

TikToker Sophie (@sophhxsophh) said she once used to work at Ann Summers, where she once had to deal with someone dubbed 'dildo lady'

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

A TikTok user has shared a story about their 'craziest customer experience' from working in retail, telling followers about a woman that was dubbed 'dildo lady'. Watch below:

TikToker Sophie (@sophhxsophh) said she once used to work at Ann Summers, a British sex toy and lingerie retailer.

Stitching a question from another user, Sophie explained how a woman used to come into the shop 'on a regular basis', despite being banned.

"She would still come in on the reg because the security were a bit useless in our shopping centre," she said.

Sophie said staff had warned her about the woman they knew as 'dildo lady', but having never seen her, she thought their story was 'bulls***'.

However, one day, she had her first encounter - finding out the hard why how she'd earned her nickname.


Sophie - who also sells art on Etsy - continued: "So if you've been in Ann Summers before, you will know in the sex toy section there are display toys out so you can see the toy before you buy it, you can see if it vibrates, etc.

"Key word here: you can see it. SEE IT. You don't USE it.

"Dildo lady didn't get the memo on this."

Sophie continued: "She would run to the back of the store, she would grab a big a*** dildo.

"She would run into the fitting rooms past whatever poor soul was trying to man the fitting rooms, just going about her day as a retail worker.

"She would lock herself in a fitting room, and she would go to town on the dildo."


In a caption, Sophie said she and others at the store were too 'underpaid to put up with this s***'.

She also went onto explain that the display toys were obviously 'not intended for use'.

She said: "I have to add here that these toys were dirty. They were covered in dust, teenagers would come in and pick them up and laugh about it and s***. Like, they were not clean."

After realising 'instantly' what was happening, Sophie decided to alert a manager - saying she could deal 'with that s***'.

"And then at the speed of light, dildo lady has run past us and shot out of the store... Straight into the Disney Store opposite," Sophie said.

She added: "My manager was p***ed because she always had to clean up when this happened. Gross!"

And don't worry, Sophie also confirmed that the 'now used display toy' was disposed of.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@sophhxsophh

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