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Former PhD Student Suing University For $3 Million For Loss Of Sex Drive

Former PhD Student Suing University For $3 Million For Loss Of Sex Drive

He says he suffered 'mental torture' while trying to get his PhD in Social Sciences.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

When you're in high school, studying during university or even at work, you can go through some pretty stressful times.

Whether it's getting that pass that means you won't have to work over summer or that performance review to get a promotion, these moments can drastically affect your health.

But there's not much we can do about that, except maybe just manage our time and stress levels better. Or, you could just sue the institution causing the stress and become a millionaire.

That's exactly what Kuldeep Mann plans to do after launching a lawsuit against James Cook University in Queensland.

The former PhD student is seeking $3 million in damages from the university for causing him 'mental torture' that affected everything in his life, including his sex drive.

Speaking 9 News, the 52-year-old said: "Everything was affected including my sex life. I...I'm no longer...wanting to be on the share bed with my partner. There is no such desire for anything.

"If the university didn't have this kind of trick on me, had they not destroyed my... ruined my career I should have by now completed my PhD."

9 News

Mr Mann paid $20,000 to start his PhD in Social Sciences at the Queensland university in 2015 however the institution accused him of plagiarism and kicked him out.

His matter is now going before the Queensland Supreme Court, where he plans to argue the 'prolonged harassment at the JCU that hovered over [his] mind day and night...adversely affected [his] sex drive' meaning his relationship could collapse.

"I hope that the honourable Supreme Court will do full justice with me by awarding me the aforementioned full amount of compensation as remedy for all my losses and sufferings," he told 9 News.

James Cook University told the TV network that they couldn't comment on individual cases.

9 News

There's no denying that stress affects a person's sex drive because your mind and body is more focused on survival rather than enjoyment.

One American law firm claims you're able to sue someone for a loss of sexual activity in the right circumstances in New York.

"In every type of accident claim or medical malpractice claim where you've suffered significant injury and were married, your attorney will almost always include a claim for 'loss of consortium'," Oginski Law writes.

The tough thing will be trying to prove that in the Queensland Supreme Court.

Featured Image Credit: 9News

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