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Shocking Footage Shows Girl Putting Plastic Bag On Dog's Head For 'Fun'

Shocking Footage Shows Girl Putting Plastic Bag On Dog's Head For 'Fun'

Warning: contains distressing images

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A girl has been slammed online after posting a video of herself putting a plastic bag over her dog's head.

In the clip, believed to be filmed in Gdansk, Poland, the 15-year-old girl is filmed laughing as the dog is seemingly unable to breathe.


The distressing footage shows the dog sitting obediently at the girl's feet as she places a small plastic bag over its head. She walks off and the dog lies on the floor, where it attempts to remove the bag itself.

At one point she can be heard saying 'drop dead' to the dog, while the person filming zooms in and out.

After it was shared online the girl was heavily criticised by animal lovers, who slated her cruel actions.

According to local media, both the girl in the clip and her pal who filmed the incident were arrested. However, they reportedly downplayed the video saying it was just a harmless prank.

They told cops that they had kept a close eye on the dog at all times to ensure its safety, adding that they would have removed the bag had the dog started to struggle or show signs of distress.

The girls said as the dog was wagging its tail, they assumed it was happy and enjoying the game.

But clearly, the clip tells a different story as the dog can be seen trying to pull the bag of its muzzle while the plastic bag remains inflated around its face.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, but it's expected the girls, who haven't been named, will go to family court. It's not yet known what will happen to the dog and if it will be returned to the family.

The girl was questioned by police.

After seeing the shocking footage online, dog-lovers were quick to condemn the girls, with one writing: "What a bitch. How could she do such a thing?"

Another wrote: "If that girl got hurt, the dog would defend her. And she made fun of him. Let's put a bag on her head and see how cool it is."

While third couldn't even stand to watch, posting: "I couldn't watch it. This dog has a heart, he needs love and not suffering. Sorry but as I write, tears pour from my eyes."

Featured Image Credit: CEN

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