Heroic Man Saves Baby Hanging By Its Neck From A Window

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Heroic Man Saves Baby Hanging By Its Neck From A Window

A man in China has bravely risked his own life by free-climbing to the rescue of a toddler, who found themselves dangling by the neck from a third storey window.

Locals saw the two-year-old boy climb out of the window of his family home in Doumen district in the city of Zhuhai, in South China's Guangdong province, before standing on the metal burglar bars. Shortly afterwards, the child's body slipped between the bars, leaving him dangling by the neck.

Luckily for the toddler, Su Tianwang came courageously climbing to his rescue, using air conditioning units, pipes and window frames to reach the burglar bars below. From there, Mr Tianwang was able to reach up and lift the child slightly, alleviating some of the pressure on his neck, but he could not get him free.

Fire services arrived around 20 minutes later and used heavy duty tools to prise apart the bars and safely return the toddler to his mum. The hero of the piece, Mr Tianwang then had safety ropes tied around his waist, which he used to rappel back to the ground.


Back on the safe earth, the former Chinese military serviceman got the hero's welcome he deserved, but he did not stick around for the plaudits, instead giving a statement to police before calmly leaving the scene.

Speaking after the dramatic incident, Mr Tianwang admitted he was afraid, but to 'save a small life I didn't hesitate'.


He said: "I was tidying documents in my office when I heard screams coming from outside. I looked out the door and saw the child dangling by his neck.


"I didn't think too much about what to do because I was afraid the child would not survive another few minutes stuck there. I climbed on air conditioning units and used burglar bars, and I pushed the child up.

"His neck and face were red and swollen. I could only hold him up with my arms and did that for about 20 minutes.

"When the police and firefighters arrived, they rescued us both. My hands were shaking and the metal awning beneath my feet was creaking.

"I was afraid, but to save a small life I didn't hesitate."

Credit: Asia Wire
Credit: Asia Wire

Well what an utter LAD you are Mr Tianwang.

Who knows how differently this story could have turned out if it weren't for his bravery, with the toddler left to hang dangerously and painfully for a further 20 minutes.

Thank goodness for the burglar bars too. It seems as well as keeping burglars out, they're pretty handy at keeping toddlers in.


Featured Image Credit: Asia Wire

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