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Husband And Wife Get Hit In The Same Spot 10 Minutes Apart After Ignoring Traffic Rules

Husband And Wife Get Hit In The Same Spot 10 Minutes Apart After Ignoring Traffic Rules

The unlikely incident took place in China

Amelia Ward

Amelia Ward

A couple who tried to cross the same road 10 minutes apart have been hit by cars in the exact same spot after ignoring traffic regulations.

The Chinese couple were the subject of two accidents in the central province of Hubei, and were captured on CCTV, which was then released by police.

The woman is on an electric bike. Trying to cut through heavy traffic, she is hit by a car and comes off her back, her shoe flying off with her. She stands up and police come to her aid and help her to the side of the road.

But then her husband, obviously concerned for his wife's safety, also decides to cut through the queues of cars, before getting hit - in the exact same spot.

She runs over to her husband who is lying on the floor.

The strange incident happened in the city of Yichang in Central China's Hubei Province on 17th December.

From the traffic camera footage, you can see the woman, named as Ms Gao, cut across lanes of cars queuing at a red light, before she has the collision with the car that's going into a right turn lane.

Her husband sprints through the cars instead of using the zebra crossing, and falls into the same trap of the right-turn lane.

Both of them were taken to hospital, but neither have any life-threatening injuries. Police are still investigating.

The clip shows her standing up one her own almost immediately and then being brought away from the scene by police.

Asia Wire

When he is seen entering the right-turning lane but failing to avoid a car, which is also white. The car knocks him down and sends him flying.

The video captures the man struggling on the road in agony. His wife, who has been talking to police on the pavement, spots him and limps towards him.

The police called for an ambulance to take the man to the hospital.

Yichang Traffic Police released the footage to warn the public to make sure they follow traffic regulations and avoid taking shortcuts - because the outcome can usually end in dangerous, and also embarrassing situations like this one.

The crashes took place on Tuesday morning on Chengdong Avenue in the city of Yichang, according to the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security of China.

Featured Image Credit: Asia Wire

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