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In My Personal Space Episode Five: Things Get Awkward For Gemma Cairney

In My Personal Space Episode Five: Things Get Awkward For Gemma Cairney

How does Gemma fare against Tom Ward?

Will Haine

Will Haine

Gemma Cairney is used to being the loudest person in a room. With or without a microphone in front of her, the radio presenter, activist, podcast host, writer, TV presenter (we could go on) is generally the most gregarious, over-the-top, boisterous voice around.

So when she's mere inches from your face, you'd think it would get a little over the top, right? Well, she might have met her match in Tom Ward. Tom is a comedian with a penchant for small spaces and, thanks to Wrigley's In Your Personal Space challenge, he's got the chance to interview his favourite people from just six inches away.

The In Your Personal Space challenge is exactly what it sounds like: two people, in each other's personal space, making things awfully awkward for each other. When we say personal space, we mean it: Gemma is just inches from the end of Tom's nose, answering questions designed to amp up the awkwardness.

Gemma made a name for herself on BBC Radio, presenting on BBC 1Extra before graduating to Radio 1 and, eventually, on to the telly as a presenter for Channel 4, T4, MTV2, ITV2 and a whole host of other channels with numbers in their names.

On top of that, she's worked as a stylist for pop stars, written three books, hosted her own podcast and penned a column in The Observer. It's amazing that she manages to fit in a meeting with Tom Ward, a self-described Lego Richard III, but we're glad that she has - the results were hilarious.

The contract was quite marked: Gemma, a former professional stylist and a woman noted for her extravagant fashion sense, decked out in a leopard-print coat, facing up to Tom, who is determined to put her off her game. And, lest we forget, the whole thing taking place within breath-smelling distance. Good job there was a few pieces of Wrigley's lying around to make sure that everyone was smelling their best.

Being grilled by a comedian is never easy, and even more so when he is just a matter of centimetres from your face, grinning maniacally and posing question after question designed to make you laugh, grimace and lose your cool.

Thankfully, Gemma was up to the challenge and passed with flying colours - and we doubt it's an experience she'll ever forget.

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