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Japanese Pub Sprays Customers With Disinfectant As They Enter

Japanese Pub Sprays Customers With Disinfectant As They Enter

The pub is hoping to 'prevent infections' amid the coronavirus pandemic

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

A pub in Japan has started spraying customers with disinfectant as they enter its doors to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Kichiri Shinjuku, a traditional Japanese pub known as an 'izakaya', has taken to spritzing customers with a disinfecting mist as they enter.

Kyodo News via Getty Images

As thirsty patrons enter the Tokyo pub they're greeted by an on-screen hostess who tells them to wash their hands. They then have their temperature taken with a thermometer before walking through a scanner-type set up that sprays them with disinfectant for 30 seconds, CNN reports.

Once they're through that part they will be given a map which tells them where they can sit inside the venue, while they can use a QR code on their phone to check out the menu and make their order. Clever, eh?

Kichiri Shinjuku spokesperson Rieko Matsunaga told CNN: "We want customers to feel safe when they come inside.

"This is geared to promote social distancing and prevent infections."

Inside customers sit apart from each other and plastic screens are used to ensure social distancing.

The company that owns the pub, Kichiro & Co, has a total of 103 outlets throughout the country - for now only one venue has been kitted out with the fancy new machine, but the company is hoping to be able to roll out the system to other pubs.

Kyodo News via Getty Images

Speaking to CNN, Matsunaga added: "We set it up to abide by new lifestyle guidelines.

"We'd like to spread this technology and collaborate with other restaurants."

Before you get too envious about our pals in Japan being able to have a cold one, it's important to point out that the World Health Organisation (WHO) does not recommend that people be sprayed with disinfectant and say it can cause more harm than good.

WHO said earlier this month: "Spraying disinfectants can result in risks to the eyes, respiratory or skin irritation and the resulting health effects.

"Spraying or fogging of certain chemicals, such as formaldehyde, chlorine-based agents or quaternary ammonium compounds, is not recommended due to adverse health effects on workers in facilities where these methods have been utilised."

Ah, maybe not one to try at your local then.

Featured Image Credit: Kyodo News via Getty Images

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