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Jim Carrey Planned His Bizarre 60th Birthday Tweet Decades Ago


Jim Carrey Planned His Bizarre 60th Birthday Tweet Decades Ago

Jim Carrey celebrated his 60th birthday in Jim Carrey fashion, by posting this bizarre clip on Twitter. Take a look below:


But what you might not know is that the comedian had this little trick planned for decades.

In the bizarre clip - shared on 17 January - the Ace Ventura star puts on an 'old man' act, telling viewers: "I'm sixty and sexy. And tonight I'm having creamed corn and strained peaches."


For any other actor you might think it was a bit of a mid-life crisis moment, but this is Jim Carrey we're talking about.

Not only did his followers find the skit hilarious, but one eagle-eyed fan noticed it was a reference to an old interview on The Late Show with David Letterman.

You see, Carrey appeared on the show back in 2004 with an uncharacteristically shaved head.


When asked about the buzz cut, the actor joked: "I have to change my look all the time because, you know, I'm in show business, you've got to keep fresh.

"I'm kind of thought of as the 'Madonna in Comedy'."

And here's where the reference bit comes in, as Carrey goes on to say that he's 'always reinventing' himself, adding: "So that someday I can look out at that crowd and go, 'I'm sixty and sexy'."

All of this is said in the same way that he does in his Twitter video, proving once again that he is a one of a kind comedian.


The reference was spotted by Twitter user @shawnngee, who shared the interview clip with his birthday message side-by-side.

They added the caption: "This man planned this moment for literal decades AND delivered - a PEAK Capricorn."

Fans were quick to praise the star for his execution of the nearly 20-year-long joke, with one writing: "No wonder he's my favorite actor."


Another dubbed him the 'king of manifestation', while a third said: "MY MAN WAS SETTING UP FOR THIS JOKE FOR 20 YEARS."

Others weren't too pleased with the astrology reference, including this commenter who said: "This doesn't have anything to do with his sign. It has everything to do with the fact that he's the one and only Jim Carrey."

Well said.

Words: Daisy Phillipson

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

Topics: jim carrey

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