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Man Shows How To Make DIY Aircon With Household Objects

Man Shows How To Make DIY Aircon With Household Objects

Why spend thousands on AC unit when you can just do this?

Anish Vij

Anish Vij

Are you absolutely melting in the UK's current heatwave? Yeah, aren't we all - luckily for us, there's a simple way for you to turn your ordinary desk fan into a DIY aircon system. Watch the video below to see how it's done:

TikToker @sam.southall02 is the man behind the clip, which has already racked up 1 million views and 59,000 likes thanks to its ingenuity - and, presumably, how simple it seems to be to put together a homemade AC unit.

In the video, Sam instructs viewers to close all windows and doors, before grabbing 'something cold like a frozen water bottle'.

Seems easy enough so far. Does it get more difficult than this?

No, it turns out - the final trick is then to put the frozen water bottle behind a desk fan.

The theory seems to be that the frozen water bottle will make the air from your fan colder, which would be nice considering my fan usually just blows warm air right back in my face.

If it works, it might finally stop us all saying 'it's too hot' in the summer, even though we spend the majority of the year complaining about how cold it is.

A nice cold bottle of water will help.

Other TikTok users seemed to be very active in the comments section, with many agreeing with the post.

One user seemed to be in two minds, saying: "A fan in a closed room will actually heat the room up as the motor will produce heat so the cold bottle is a short term effect."

Another user joked about just getting a fancier system installed, writing: "Or fit air conditioning. It's only £2k for a single unit."

A third person, with the most liked comment of the lot, claimed: "But then the water bottle does dat condensing ting and floods ur room."

Hmm. Admittedly, that doesn't sound ideal.

Still, in terms of other ways to beat the heat, that Property Guy (@thatpropertyguy) shared a recent post on TikTok about 'ways to stay cool' this summer.

This has got to be cheaper than getting actual air conditioning installed.

In a clip shared last month, which has 2.3 million views, he says: "I don't know about you but I'm starting to struggle with this heat, so here are some easy ways to keep your house cool."

He goes on to suggest a number of ways that might help, starting with shutting your windows, blinds and curtains during the day.

He explains: "It might sound daft, but keep your windows shut and draw your curtains. During the day, this will keep the hot air out.

"And then you're going to want to circulate cool air inside the house, so fill up some bowls with water and some ice.

"Bowls of water will cool down the house, especially if you use a fan."

Hope you're all taking notes here.

Featured Image Credit: pexels

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